Friday, August 6, 2021

The Cynical Seven - Desperados Gang

"The liquor's all gone boys..."

Finished up my Desperados gang for Dead Man's Hand. Just a few pics to share as I didn't get too many to turn out that great. :-/ These guys took me awhile, but they were fun to paint. Hopefully just as fun to play.

Definitely my favorite set of minis from Great Escape Games. I love the great variety of the figs, each seems to have a story to tell. From the post Civil War veterans, the gunslinger, to the Mexican and Native American members. Still working on their individual names. :-)

They'll be hanging out south of the border for now. Hoping to get my first game in soon. I've got a few things I can borrow from my WW2 North Africa terrain, but should get some more done in the next few months. Working on some DMH tokens as well.


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