Friday, September 18, 2015

Saga Storm 2015

A beautiful day for Saga!

(Lot of pics!  Click on 'em to make them bigger)

Last Saturday (September 12th) we had our second annual Saga Storm event.  Just like last year (Coverage for Saga Storm 2014 is HERE) it was all day open Saga gaming with ten tables set up from 10 am until 5 pm.  Just grab a partner and battle!  At 5 pm we started to set up for the mega Feast for Crows battle and then had bonfire to cap the day off until the park closed at 10pm.

This year's logo

 Did I mention the horn blowing??

Park?!  Yes, as the pictures show, we held Saga Storm outside this year at Ham Lake Park in Ham Lake, Minnesota.  It was a beautiful site and the weather was gorgeous.  We had about 22 players show up (3 from Wisconsin) and play during the day with 14 staying to fight in the mega battle.

Awesome people, minis, terrain, game... AWESOME DAY!

Sorry Bob, looks like Tim (and his beard) win the tie breaker...

What else... we had t-shirts and dice made up just like last year.  Twice during the day we had our chance to try our hand at the Scottish hammer throw. (ouch!)  We had a very successful pot luck/cook out in the afternoon as well.  Just an awesome day full of good times.  The day flew by so quick.  My only regrets is not getting the chance to visit with everyone that came.

The Feast!

Grillin' & Cillin' (?)

 Eric and John, thanks again guys!

John Stentz is a Ham Lake resident so he was able to reserve the pavilion and help organize the event.  Eric Hagen provided the terrain, most of it from the Grand Melee at Adepticon earlier in the year.  Thanks to those guys for a great event for the second year in a row.  Playing at the Fantasy Flight Game Center was nice in 2014, but I think we found our new home.  :-)

Are you issuing a CHALLENGE!!!!

I ended up playing four games with my Vikings including the mega battle.  Not having played in a long time I got to play Monty Luhmann, Eric Hagen, and John Stentz which were all great learning games for me.  The last one against John had a few distractions and was a bit rushed with the mega battle looming.  So I'm looking forward to giving him a proper challenge in the near future. ;-)

Hammer throw!

Throwing some hammer...John Stentz
Posted by Eric Hagen on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Last but not least, the day was a great one for families.  I know that at least John and Eric's families stopped by during the day.  Both my parents and my sister's family live in Ham Lake, so the event was also a great opportunity for them to come and check out Uncle Jason's hobby in a not-so-nerdy environment.  It definitely made the day a bit more special.  Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it!

 Mega battle!

Nothing else to say really...  Enjoy the pics!!

Good times, bring on next year!

Finally we tell our war stories and say our goodbyes around the bonfire.

(The majority of these photos were taken by members of the local Saga Storm group on Facebook.  (Mine were mostly rubbish)  Picture credits go to Bob Seabold, John Stentz, Eric Hagen, Richard Viner, and Monty Luhmann.  Thanks a lot guys!)


  1. That is just so cool, what an excellent place to game!

  2. Super write-up Jason and thanks for the ass kicking in the mega game! My only regret is that its over and I have to wait another year for the next one. We'll have to get in lots of practice games between now and then.

    1. Thanks Monty! Looking forward to next year, but there's tons of fun to be had between now and then! :)

  3. Seems to be a great day, and a great place!

  4. Awesome idea! Fantastic way to spend the day too. Great stuff guys!

  5. This looks like a ball! We simply can't trust the weather in the UK to even think of doing this! The snow table looks especially excellent. Glad you had fun, best wishes, Jeremy

    1. Thanks Jeremy. Yeah, for once the weather came through with shining colors!

  6. What a fine gathering - great venue, toys, weather and food - not to mention the camaraderie! Well done!

  7. Brilliant looks like great fun Jason!

  8. +1 to Monty's comment- Great write up. The weather cannot have been better, period. Just a perfect way to celebrate summer before hunkering down in our Minnesota Long houses for the winter. :) Thanks for the good times and our game Jason.

  9. Now that's how to play SAGA! What a day.

  10. Great collection of photos, but way better to see everything in person. Perfect weather! Glad I got a chance to stop by and share some of the day with all of you.

  11. Wow! Sounds like a great day. The weather seems to have been on your side as well :)

  12. Interesting photos and venue. It seems that people all around the world have been playing Saga in interesting venues - you and your cronies in a park and Burchard and his cronies in a longhouse.


  13. Thanks! The smaller boards and warbands certainly help.

  14. Looks like you guys had great fun!

    And if you were a bit rusty, I think there were no better opponents than Monty, Eric and John to play against!

  15. That looks like a very enjoyable way to spend the day, Jason.

  16. I was sure I left a comment on this...
    Awesome looking day - buddies, gaming, beer and grill. Brilliant!

    In the meantime, I challenge you to come over to my blog and play my Tanktober game - a new tank to ID each day. Come one come all :-)

    1. PS I have used that tiebreaker rule to my advantage in the past also!

  17. Great write up and what a wonderful looking day.


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