Saturday, August 22, 2015

SAGA Vikings - Hirdmen group 3 WIP

Hirdmen group 3 front

Just sharing another batch of Hirdmen for my Viking Saga warband.  Again, these guys were done a while ago, but just getting the finishing touches now.  Shields and bases are all that are left to do.  I'm keeping this one short and sweet, so if you want to know more about this project check out my previous related posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Berserkers are up next.

Hirdmen group 3 back

OK, one more thing I guess.  Recently picked up a "little" piece of 1960's viking decor.  Haven't quite decided where it's going to go yet though.  :-)



  1. They look great, and this ship is a nice find!

  2. Very nice work there Jason! Love the cloaks!

  3. They look great already, Jason. The Longship is an awesome piece too.

  4. Great job Jason - the splashes of colour are really good without going overboard

  5. Nice work Jason! Can't wait to see them with their shields done. Were you thinking about painting something freehand or using decals?

  6. Nicely done - really like those splendid beards!


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