Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap - Eye Candy

Eye Candy

In an effort to conserve more "hobby" time and finally have a few painted minis to post on the old blog again, I'm keeping this one relatively short.  So first up is a little "eye candy" for those of you that are into that sort of thing in the form of some "Historical" pin-ups.  The girls are cute and the art is well done without being tacky, so if you'd like to see more stroll over to Bartek Drejewicz's Facebook page HERE and check 'em out.

Wurttemberg Army

Speaking of "eye candy," we all love looking at painted miniatures and units, but there's few things as spectacular (and satisfying for the painter) as a completed army.  Mick over at Land of the Lead has just posted a bunch of pictures his recently completed 28mm Napoleonic Wurttemberg Army that he has spent the last 6-7 months on.  You can read about and see more of this fantastic army HERE.


For a bit of fun check out Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Tonight Show talking about crushing stuff for charity with his tank.  The tank, a M48 Patton, is the exact same one he drove while serving in the Austrian Army.  The best part for me was Arnold telling his story of getting into a downhill race at night with another tanker and forgetting there was a bunch of soldiers sitting on top.  Luckily no one got hurt, but Arnold gets a pretty grueling punishment.


Finally, I'm not one to make a big deal of passing certain milestones especially since I was away from the blogosphere for awhile and am just getting back into the grove of it.  There's a few I passed recently without even realizing it.  The first is hitting 200 posts (I'm currently at 224).  Another is passing 150.000 hits (currently at 159,179).  The third was finally passing 150 followers (currently 153).

Although I'd like to have a few more followers by now, I am very thankful for all the support and comments left on my blog over the years.  I enjoy the blog thing and the community, but it means a lot to know others enjoy what I have to offer as well.  I've been trying some new features, while trying hard to catch up on my painting.  So I hope to have lots of fun stuff to share down the road.  Thanks again!

"Hasta la vista, baby."



  1. That is serious eye candy on all fronts, Arnie is such a git and congrats on all the milestones!

  2. Excellent eye candy Sir and congratulations

  3. Great post and lovely set of Naps. Its hard to imagine Arnie fitting in a tank, he's not exactly small!

  4. Congrats! And lovely eye candy all-around!

  5. That eye candy is superb! (I mean of course the Wurttemberg Army, but the other is nice too) Jolly well done on the milestones, I'm sure that there will be many more.

  6. That army is wonderfull painted! I love those Napoleonic pin up cards!


  7. Great post - very impressive minis!


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