Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forgotten Glorious MiniZ - Iron Brigade

One thing I've enjoyed being a part of the wargaming blogosphere is being exposed to the many small, independent, and/or private miniature lines/companies.  Some do it all themselves like Calpe Miniatures, while others commission a sculptor like Hinterland, Westfalia, and Murawski Miniatures (To name a few).  They put up personal funds to fill some niche that the big boys of the industry have ignored, many with superior results.  Forgotten Glorious MiniZ is another such high quality enterprise.

Forgotton Glorious have just released their new line of 28mm American Civil War Iron Brigade miniatures, and the figures are absolutely stunning!  On top of the quality sculpts is also the great variety.  You can create your regiments running with muskets at right shoulder, advancing with leveled muskets, or firing and loading.  There's also no shortage of foot and mounted officer types that are sometimes forgotten in other miniature lines.  Add to that some specialty figures as well.

Forgotten Glorious have previously released mini lines for the 1916 French Army, 1806 Prussian Army, and the 14th Brooklyn (84th New York) from the ACW.  They also offer a miniature painting service HERE.  The Iron Brigade line looks like it is their best offering yet.  I only wonder if there is going to be more coming (cavalry, artillery, picket line, etc.)

For me to get into any new period/game it obviously starts with an interest in the period, genre, specific theater, or army/unit.  Having a descent rules set out there to play and enjoy is helpful too.  Finally and most importantly, no matter what my personal interest level or the popularity of a certain ruleset, I need to have a miniature line that I really fall in love with.

I've always had a interest the American Civil War, and there are a number of fine sets of rules out there for big battles and skirmishes alike.  I do really like the Wargames Foundry and Perry Miniatures ACW lines, but I always had a thing for the Iron Brigade, and FG MiniZ have just supplied the third criteria... :-)



  1. Excellent figures there, nice.

    Your on my Liebster list Jason, ignore or join in as is your want.

  2. Still waiting for mine. Certainly a realistic range of figures - the mounted command figures in particular are the most naturally posed sculpts I've seen.


  3. Good point you raise in this post - it's really thanks to guys like Franck from F&G Miniz that we have such diversity to choose from. F&G Miniz also supply an absolute astounding range of WW1 French.

    1. Totally agree, and yes they do.

      I really believe if you see something you like you need to support it right away. Can't wait until next year for example to start that ECW project like you can with Warlord Games. They might not still be around.

      Not only do they need funds to stay afloat, but 99% percent of these guys reinvest in themselves to expand those wonderful ranges even further until they are able to complete them.

  4. Stunning figures! These will make me start a Union Brigade :-) And, did you get them?

    1. Not yet Mike. I just discovered them so I have to start saving up my pennies... and fix the ball joints on my truck... :-)


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