Monday, April 14, 2014

New Swag - Astra Militarum style

Imperial Guard!!

Way back when I first started this blog I was working on my Mordian Imperial Guard Army.  With the release of new "Astra Militarum" codex yesterday there's no better way and time to kick start things again.  I might cover my thoughts on the new book in a later post, but I will say although much of the changes seem more like a step sideways, I'm still left pretty excited.  Time to tweak and reorder the army list and wonder what other changes 7th Edition will do to my army.  Meanwhile the army is very much in the construction phase as I paint on some Prussians for my Napoleonic project (See below).

I was fortunate enough to get a deck of the order cards before they all sold out, and I also picked up a box of the new "stormtroopers."  I might build some Scions in the future, but for now this was purely a bits purchase.  The order cards will really come in handy as not only do you avoid wasting time looking in the book over and over again, but they should also help you to remember to issue the damn things in the first place.  ;-)

Sorting Mordians...

Around the time the 40k Apocalypse rules were released last year, I acquired a bunch more ground pounders to eventually add some descent bulk to my army eventually.  I also made some other plans and purchases that if successful, hope to make my force even more unique, but more on that some other time...  For now it's time to get an initial 1500-2000 point force put together and painted.

 Gaunt's Ghosts now in stereo!

Nothing speeds along a project than a good audio book,and although I've already read the book, listening to Salvation Reach should be right what the doctor ordered.  I've got a little stock pile of audio books on my hard drive, but I'm a sucker for a good Imperial Guard novel (and many other non-Space Marine related stuff and things).

Inspiration the old fashion way... you have to read it!

GW's Black Library doesn't do a good job promoting anything that isn't in power armor or involved in the Horus Hersey, but every once in a while they sneak out few pleasant surprises.  I'm a big fan of all the Gaunt's Ghosts novels, but last year saw the release of some interesting IG works in Iron Guard and Baneblade.  Right now I'm in the middle of Double Eagle an older aviation GG's spinoff that reads much like the movie The Battle of Britain (Good stuff).  I already tore through Iron Guard, and really looking forward to Baneblade as i got a taste for that sort of thing in Angel of Fire.  I might just throw up a quick review of some of these if the spirit takes me.  For now, they're all worth a read if you're into things Imperial Guard.

Prussian to get painted!

Back on the painting desk are my 1813 Prussians, but for more detailed blabbing about that and my new Andrea Color paints check out my latest post over at Immer Vorwärts!


  1. I've always liked the guard and the many variations, Dan Abnett is a good writer.

  2. Excellent news! Always nice to see some Mordians on the desk - for some reason they seem to be far less popular than Praetorians.


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