Saturday, April 26, 2014

Coffee Table Diorama of The Alamo

A little war to go with your coffee?

Looking for that special something to spruce up the family room?  Want to instill a bit of history and tradition into your happy home?  Wife just skipped town and you're finally free tackle the interior decorating yourself?  Well what you need is a full blown Battle of The Alamo diorama inside your new wicked cool custom coffee table.

 Tom with his pride and joy.

Although originally posted by Tom Young on his blog Tides of War and even featured in the news section of Wargames Illustrated #310, I just had to pass along this amazing piece of furniture and miniature diorama.  This amazing labor of love by Tom measures 42" x 62" and includes 1400 15mm miniatures.

From Tom's blog post:

"I tried to capture the final glory the Texans had in the battle, and not focus so much on the slaughter that came after. The date is March 6th, 1836 about 5:45 am or close to. The battle ended around 6:00 am or there about. I had them standing their ground outside of the long barracks before they pulled back into the fall back positions located inside of the long barracks. This area of the battle is where most of the vicious hand to hand combat took place."

These pics are but a tease of the incredible 74 photos found on the Tides of War blog site.  I've kept this post brief on purpose so not to steal any of Tom's well deserved thunder.  So be sure to check out the wonderful eye candy as well as ALL of the details right HERE.

"Remember the Alamo!"


  1. That's such a fantastic idea, oh the possibilities!

    1. Yeah, I've thought about end tables before, but this definitely takes the cake!

  2. That is so cool! Awesome idea.

  3. Completely bonkers... in a good way! :-)

  4. Very nice - I've seen the one at the museum at The Alamo (modified Airfix figures), and they should get one like this!


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