Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Murawski Miniatures

Those of you that already follow Roger Murrow's blog RTB At Large, or have used his painting service are aware he has recently commissioned a 28mm Polish Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw miniature range sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks.  What you might not of know (at least I didn't) is that this range finally has a name and an excellent website of its own:  Murawski Miniatures.

From their home page:

"As an avid collector and painter, as well as occasional gamer, of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures, my major area of interest is the 1812-1814 period in Russia and northern Europe. One of the frustrating things about collecting for this period of history was the lack of high quality, historically accurate and well-proportioned Duchy of Warsaw Poles, as well as many of the other smaller states. To this end I decided to do something about it; how else was I going to refight Borodino and Leipzig?"

I'll let Roger's fine range of miniatures and website speak for itself, but I definitely plan on collecting at least a brigade plus as part of my joint 1813 Napoleonic project on the Immer Vorwärts!  blog.  Hopefully I can finally put in an order during March just in time for my birthday!  :-)


  1. Plus Roger is a great guy to deal with.

  2. Sculpts from Paul Hicks and Casts from the Griffins. That just can't go wrong.

  3. Yes, very nice figures.

    I note that Dombrowski and his independent Polish 27th Division made it into the rogues gallery on your Immer Vorwärts! blog a while ago. This makes perfect sense to me as I plan to model this division as well. It's as if the division was built with us wargamers in mind - four battalions, two uhlan regiments (even if one retained its chasseur a cheval name!) and some artillery. What a brilliant formation!!

    But as is my way I have already started to slowly acquire the figures over birthdays, Christmas's etc and those figures (2 battalions plus command) have come from Front Rank. I like my formations to be reasonably homogenous so I'm fairly sure that I'll complete the infantry from Front Rank.

    I will probably source my artillery pieces from Calpe Miniatures so that they match the French pieces I will be using. In that case the guns that come with the Murawski Miniatures crews will be surplus to requirements and a fiscal drag!

    The soon to be released Uhlans are the most likely Murawski Miniatures purchases for me as things currently stand ... assuming they fit in with my current cavalry size wise. Especially since I'll hopefully be able to source them from across the Tasman in Australia.

    Apologies if you seen all this ranting before over on Doc's 'Art' of War blog! 8O) Have you seen the Polish Brigade Commander & ADC over at the Doc's?

    von Peter himself


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