Friday, January 11, 2013

Imperial Inspiration

54th Krieg

Spotted two excellent Imperial Guard (one Traitor) armies over at GMM Studios last week that I thought were well worth passing along.  One of the things I love about the blogosphere is the tremendous amount of inspiration found out there from our fellow gamers and hobbyists.  These two "army" pics are only the teaser,  There are literately gazillions more that can be found right here.

Nurgle Traitors

If that wasn't enough inspiration for ya, then check out this battle report that pits the two armies against each other.  Even if you don't care for Imperial Guard stuff the terrain is quite amazing too.  Truly awesome stuff!

Last but certainly not least, in keeping with the "Imperial" theme of this post, here's a fun little video documenting Darth Vader's little known handicap.

Bonus Video! (Hard of Hearing Vader)



  1. Very nice indeed. I agree, the internet is full of inspiration. Sometimes its a bit daunting too!

    Great clip :-)

    1. Wut?!

      Sometimes daunting, but also sometimes distracting with so many cool toys and games out there. :-)

  2. Fantastic and very, very impressive, great work!

  3. I can see a small fortune invested there!

    Nice clip too. ;-)

  4. Great work! "What" did I say? Excellent work!



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