Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recent Additions

Reading without proper lighting is bad... a wizard should know better!

Wargaming and acquiring a small library of books usually go hand in hand.  At times it seems we collect just as many rulebooks, uniform guides, volumes of military history, magazines, and other ancient tomes than we have miniatures to paint.

Although I have been mostly thinning out the personal library this year on my eBay store, there still the occasional addition to get excited about and share on the blog.  The first is a classic from Charles S. Grant that many veteran gamers may recognize:  Scenarios for Wargames.  (An excellent overview can be found here, and another nice blog write-up here.)

Other than shipping from the UK, I was able to get this wargaming classic for a nice price and as a bonus it was a rare hardcover edition avoiding the typical thick and very stiff paperback spine.  Yeah, the production quality is very simple compared to today's standards, but it still gets the job done nicely.

I'm pretty excited to adapt as many of the 52 scenarios as possible for future Black Powder games, but at the very least we shouldn't want for ideas.  If anyone else has already done the same, please share your results.  If you have already posted them on your blog, kindly throw me the link(s) below, thanks!  :-)

The Life and Campaigns of Field Marshal Prince Blucher is another hard to find book (or very expensive when found) that I've added in recent months.  I managed to be the only bid on eBay, so once again with shipping from the UK it came out to about the regular price of a new hardcover book.

Written by Blucher's famous Chief of Staff General Count Gneisenau and translated by J. E. Marston, the book was originally published in 1815 and last available back in 1996.  I still am surprised how hard this book was for me to find, and that it is currently out of print.  It will be nice to read some pro-Prussian propaganda while I work on my army to somewhat counter all the French and Anglophile literature out there.  :-)

I've only just started reading, so I'll write up a proper review when I'm done.  Until then, I'd love to hear from anyone who has enjoyed this book.  So far I get the impression that the writer is quite fond of the old Field Marshal.  :-)  (Free e-book available here.)

Future Prospects:

Warlord Games is set to release the first of their Napoleonic supplements for Black Powder in mid-December.  I'm not planning on ever playing the Peninsular Campaign, but I am very curious to see the latest handy work from Warlord.  Apparently, the plan is to do a total of three volumes covering the Napoleonic Wars.  The second will cover the Waterloo Campaign, and the third is everything else.

Maybe the plan will change, but for now I'm not too excited about the vast bulk of the Napoleonic Wars and the various allies and antagonists squeezed into one volume, while two weeks in June 1815 and a side-show Spanish theater (compared to the Austrian 1809 and Russian 1812 campaigns for example) each get their own book.  If the first two volumes are titled Albion Triumphant, I would not be surprised if the third is called:  Everyone else, not so much.

Switching gears a bit, Forge World is set to release a new version of its very first volume of Imperial Armour.  I bought the first edition back in the day, and I welcome not only a update to the old stuff, but a book that includes all the new tanks, etc. as well.  Warhammer 40k is not my main game and not a big part of my library, but I'll definitely be picking this volume up in the next year.

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  1. A wizard should know better - indeed!

    Nice haul of books. I'm interested in getting the Albion Triumphant supplement, though like you, not especially interested in the Penninsular campaign...

  2. That Grant book is a classic and useful for every period of gaming with only a slight bit of imagination required - NEVER get rid of it!

  3. You've twisted my arm enough - I was sitting on the fence to get Albion Triumphant; especially since I just order SAGA. I have nowhere near the collection of rules most others have acquired, but I'm always hesitant to get another set. I do like Black Powder, though. Best, Dean


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