Sunday, December 9, 2012

For lovers of Military Art

Just came across ULTIMOS CUADROS, a marvelous blog dedicated to the renowned Spanish artist Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau (His personal page can be found here).  Although I recognize some of the paintings (some I have used for my header pictures), I admit I was not otherwise familiar with this very talented artist.  So I am thankful to Vincent (Captain LOL) at Figurine Passion for passing this along on his blog.  As a lover of cavalry his heavily military equestrian themed art makes them an instant hit with me.  These are just a small sample of a wonderful collection of military art.



  1. Must say, very nice paintings, thanks for posting.


  2. Fantastic attention to detail and very fitting in with the classic style of Napoleonic theme'd art. Appreciate you sharing this link.

  3. THAT is art! Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice artwork and a good find definitely. Thanks for posting

  5. D-F, What a treasure to share with us. Thank you very much!

  6. Excellent find Sir, thanks for sharing.

  7. You're welcome guys! and thanks again to Captain LOL for posting this on his blog in the first place. :-)

    Inspiring stuff.

  8. Vincent puts some really nice things on his blog-along with the gorgeous pieces he paints.

    This kind of thing inspires me to paint. I also have a pretty good collection of war scenes on videos that I put on while I paint.

    You might want to take a look at the Polish-Lithuanion Winged Hussars on YouTube. If this doesn't get your brush moving, nothing will.

    1. Thanks a lot Anne for the link! (and welcome!) I love Winged Hussars. :-)

      Ever since my blog post below, I've saving up similar vids to throw on the 'ole blog from time to time. Today might be a good day... ;-)

      Thanks again,

  9. Fantastic work - and the dedication to accuracy is impressive. Best, Dean

  10. Wow those are cool. I guess they need some wood arouind the sides and place to put them- no more space in your war room! hah! Maybe a rotation app...


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