Sunday, November 11, 2012

We few, we happy few...

To all my fellow Brothers and Sisters that have served, Happy Veterans Day!

...we band of brothers.  No, I didn't fight alongside Harry the King and the boys at Agincourt, but I believe there is some kind of bond formed between those of us who have served our country.  It is a surprisingly small fraternity that we share.  In all the conflicts in American history from Colonial times to the present only 3% or less of the population at any given time have ever served in a theater of combat, and only 10% or less have ever served in the Armed Forces.  I proudly salute my fellow veterans today and every day!

Bonus Video!  (Not that I need an excuse to play this clip, but I'll take it anyway. :-) )



  1. Well said and a great speech...Band of Brothers.

  2. Indeed so - I've sailed many a mile in company with your countrymen!

  3. Well said and what a soul stirring speech!

  4. Happy Veterans Day (yesterday) Battle Brother!

  5. A very rousing speech! And check out my blog, you've won a Liebster!

  6. Hi Feldmarschall,

    well said and as always a pleasure to read. Therefor I mentioned it on my own blog and dedicated the "Liebster Blog Award" to you.

    I hope you enjoy it and have a look here for the rules of the award:



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