Sunday, November 11, 2012

We few, we happy few...

To all my fellow Brothers and Sisters that have served, Happy Veterans Day!

...we band of brothers.  No, I didn't fight alongside Harry the King and the boys at Agincourt, but I believe there is some kind of bond formed between those of us who have served our country.  It is a surprisingly small fraternity that we share.  In all the conflicts in American history from Colonial times to the present only 3% or less of the population at any given time have ever served in a theater of combat, and only 10% or less have ever served in the Armed Forces.  I proudly salute my fellow veterans today and every day!

Bonus Video!  (Not that I need an excuse to play this clip, but I'll take it anyway. :-) )


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nightmare in Siegfriedhof

Spooky enough for ya?

October brings with it Halloween and thus another opportunity for a spooky game just begging to be played.  With my last last game of Warhammer over a year ago and my Vampire Count army locked away since 7th Edition, I was just a little bit hesitant about Eric's offer for a big Halloween bash on the 28th.

Eric was just fresh off converting up and painting a new unit of super spiffy Knights Raven with their Grand Master Kevin Corbin Cory Karen Korvin, and was looking forward to hunting some blood suckers for once.  The battle also provided some motivation to work on some buildings/terrain.  You can see the fruits of his labor in the pics after touching up / repainting the buildings of his growing little Empire town of Siegfriedhof.

The points level was pretty close to 4000 as I offered Eric the chance to field as much of his Empire-Witch Hunter-Stirland River Patrol-Grey Watcher-Order of the Raven Army (Inside joke) as he could and then matched him with my undead minions.

As I am currently in between vampire conversions for my army I decided to go with the Lego Monster Hunters inspired "Lord Vampyre" for my arch fiend's name in a vain attempt to further annoy my would be executioner across the table.  It was definitely fun to field most of the evil minions in my figure cases, especially my full compliment of 80 zombies for once.  :-)

With such a large set up and sized armies the enjoyable evening sped by far too fast, and we only made it about half way through the game before midnight struck and we turned into pumpkins.  I'm definitely looking forward to another slightly smaller bout in the near future.  In the meantime enjoy the pictures!

All in all, another enjoyable evening with lovely armies and terrain, good food and yummy seasonally themed beer, and great company.  Thanks again for the game Eric!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Yeah, but is it Art?

Hobbying in the 41st Millennium...

Well it has been quite a while since my last post in September, and as much as I hate these lame "life's got me down" posts, Life has been kicking my hobby squarely in arse lately.  Personal health as well as helping care for the health problems of my parents (Plus neither can drive right now) along other fun stuff thrown in have effectively conspired to suck any life or enjoyment out my hobby during the Fall of 2012.

Probably my biggest disappointment was my total failure to complete my La Bricole Painting Challenge entry.  (Or give any support to my fellow entrants.)  Every time I set aside time to work on Blucher and the gang, another trip to the hospital, etc. had to be made.  Even when the family drama seemed to finally die down for a bit, those Prussian chaps had been sitting on my desk for so long I didn't even want to look at them anymore.  Either way, be sure you can check out the fine work by some of the other folks on the La Bricole forum here.  Congrats to everyone on their great entries!

 Posting pics of unpainted minis on your blog is not sweet...

Well along came my friend Eric reminding me it is that time of year for our annual Halloween battle and things started to pick up a bit.  (I'll post some nice pictures of our battle on October 28th in a day or two.)  The "Warhammer" distraction actually helped me recock my enthusiasm for my 1813 Prussians.  Both Eric and I hope to get going on our armies in November, so with a little luck I'll have some actual painted stuff to share this month.  :-/

In the meantime looking for a bit of inspiration, I've come across a couple of videos of past Golden Demon Slayer Sword winners (Maybe you've seen them already).  In the absence of any worthy contributions to the gaming blogosphere, I offer up these two videos to you dear reader for your visual entertainment.  Truly these are pieces of miniature art.  Enjoy!

Just amazing in so many ways!

Scary, gross, but certainly amazing!