Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Napoleon's Birthday!

The Emperor turns 243 today, and since my time on the blogosphere has been severely limited lately I thought I'd throw up another quick post just for fun.  (Some WIPs to come I promise)  Sorry if you don't like Coldplay.  I'm not particular one way or another, and this was just the best "video" I could find this morning.  So...

Happy Birthday Napoleon!

Just remember that Old Blucher still has your hat!!  ;-)

Blucher pondering what "special gift" he should give to Boney.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wargamer Perceptions - TGIF Fun

It's funny because it's true.

Just thought I'd share some fun stuff on a Friday afternoon.  Can't remember where I found this, but it's been sitting on my desktop for awhile now.  And just so let you know we're not the only victims of perception, there's also this:

Also, I got my "This Week in Military History" post out kind of late this week, so if you missed it you can check it out here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Perry's Plastic Austrians, Future Plans, & Other Thoughts.

Karl Kopinski's box art

Perry Miniatures announced today that their upcoming box of plastic Napoleonic Austrian Infantry will finally be released in late September.  There will be more info soon on their Plastics workbench, but for now we know the box will contain 48 figs and heads with helmets, shakos, and corse-huts for doing Landwehr as well.  The box will include the usual flags, bases, and uniform guide just like their other boxed sets.

WIP Austrians (Germans) in helmets.

I'm a unashamed Perry Fanboy as I've been collecting and painting their lovely sculpts since 1991.  Whether it is Empire, Imperial Guard, or Lord of the Rings from Games Workshop, their figures from Wargames Foundry, or their latest offerings from their own company.  The bulk of my miniature collection has always been Perry brothers sculpts.

WIP Austrians (Germans) in shakos.

I'm not about to post all their latest releases on here, but the Austrians are something I've been waiting for in particular and gives me a chance to reflect on my current and possible future Napoleonic collecting plans.  I'm currently working on a 1813 Prussian army using mostly Perry figs, but I've always wanted to do a pair of armies (French vs ?) from same period/campaign.  I have almost no interest in doing French for 1813-1814 (or 1815), so although the Prussians are definitely one of my favorites, they are a bit of a sideshow.

WIP Austrian wearing corse-hut.

After my initial Prussians are done, I wanted to start working on either French and Russians from 1812 or French and Austrians from 1809.  I've always leaned more heavily towards 1809 because I've always liked the Austrians (and the French of that period) better.  I'd certainly rather do an "army" of Austrians and limit my Russian collection to a brigade+ to march along with my Prussians.  (Note:  A 28mm "army" in my mind is a Division+ but less than a Corps.)
 WIP of the painting guide
Doing 1812ish French would certainly make them more compatible (historically anyway) versus the other three.  I hope to include Poles and Bavarians (brigades at least) in my French army, so that's another consideration.  I have toyed with idea of doing a fictional (Shock!  Horror!) 1810-1812ish campaign set in Poland that includes all my favorite forces.  
 Another recent release:  Prussian Line Infantry in greatcoats.
I honestly don't ever see re-fighting any given historical battle unless I'm invited to bring my minis to join in on one someday.  That leaves 95% of the battles I plan on fighting as fictional scenarios, which also frees me from adhering strictly to any particular order of battle.  I plan using certain OB's as a guide to help form my initial collection, but I will remain free to choose any unit from the same period I'd like to include in my force.

More Prussians in greatcoats.

Well, whether you were interested or not, those are some of my basic thoughts for the future, and a little insight into my philosophy on historical gaming.  At least Napoleonics anyway, where the visuals and having an enjoyable evening gaming with friends trumps all other considerations.  I wouldn't fret as much about my future French if I was collecting in a vacuum, but I've have at least one local friend express interest in building some French as well.  He is currently content (i.e. lazy ;-) ) with following my lead, so making the decision for two seems a bit more complex.

I certainly welcome any of your thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns on my ravings. Either way, thanks for listening.  :-)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Painted Warmaster Sampler

Vampire Counts Army:  Black Knights

Although my Warmaster collection (both painted and unpainted) is long gone, I've had a few people ask me recently if I still had some pics of my painted stuff.  I really needed to finally clean out any old files from my old computer that I wanted to save anyway, so I was able to dig up a few that I think I had taken for eBay.

 Black Knights

Skeleton Warriors

I figured it would be just as easy to post them on here than to attach them to a few e-mails.  Not much to write home about.  Just some of my Vampire Counts stuff and Night Goblin units painted by my friend Eric, but figured someone might enjoy taking a look.  Even at 10mm, I thought the Warmaster miniature line for the most part was excellent and had tons of character for such a small scale.  I would have loved to see a large Empire and Kislev force painted up.


More Ghouls

Warmaster itself is a great game, and probably one of my biggest wargaming regrets for never seeing my dream through.  However, the collection became a eBay causality along with all my 15mm stuff  last fall when I decided once and for all that I was sticking to only one scale (28mm) going forward.

 Dire Wolves

Dire Wolves

I have no problem painting the little guys, but making terrain/boards for multiple scales can be.  The issue became academic when I asked myself which project I would rather spend my time and money on in the future, and 28mm horse and musket was the obvious choice.

 Fell Bats

Spirit Hosts

It helps a bit that games like Rick Priestley's Black Powder, Hail Caesar, and their supplements share many things with his original Warmaster rules.  For now I'm firmly sticking with everything 28mm.  Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games would be a possibility especially on the naval side if someone tried to drag me into a smaller scale again.  (Hint, hint)

Night Goblins

Lots more Night Goblins!