Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prussian from the Top!

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It's time to finally get my 1813 Prussian Army going and what better place to start than from the top.  I've always planned to knock out a few command stands first so the painting challenge (theme: vignettes) over at the La Bricole forums is absolutely perfect for me to get Old Blücher and the boys going.

I'll delve into the Order of Battle that I'll be using my intial guide more in a future post (Hint: von Horn's 7th Brigade), but other than the typical division and brigade commanders, I also wanted to do a Corps (Yorck) and Army level command stand.  Other than the fact that future multi-player games might require them, I've always wanted to paint up a Field Marshal Blücher stand regardless.  In game terms I see him as more like a random event appearing to lead some reckless cavalry charge.  ;-)

Although I'd love to use this opportunity to get more stands painted up, I'm starting with Blücher for now and I'll go from there depending on how life, hobby, and the pursuit of happiness goes in the next two months.  I'd probably knock out General von Horn's stand next, but we'll see.

Most the minis I'll be using are from Perry Miniatures, and above is the obligatory "nude" picture if the figs showing the very beginning of the project.  I'll be doing a bit of chop shop on a few of these and breaking out the green stuff to adapt the various Perry Nap. officers and horses to fit my needs.  WIP pics to come.

The oval base is 120mm X 90mm, and will feature Marschall Vorwärts, followed by his ADC Graf von Nostitz, and a Feldjäger officer joining a Hussar officer and trumpeter to lead a cavalry charge.  Looking forward to getting started tomorrow.  :-)

I'm on it like Blücher!


  1. Der Feldmarschall,
    Looking forward to your command bases as well as your 1813 Prussian army.

    As Fran said
    Good luck Sir!!!

  2. Like the others said, Good luck with the figures, I';; look forward to seeing them painted.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm excited about getting going on this project. :)

  4. Good look. I was tempted to do some Prussians to do some Prussians for the competition too, but decided against it, so it is great to see someone else picking it up!

  5. Best of luck with this, really looking forward to seeing the progress shots.

  6. And the dream begins! I'm pretty sure that this hobby will become a very large project with the years to come. :)

  7. Very nice. Especially like your choice of miniatures.


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