Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Madness is Upon Me!!!!

Would you sign already?!

Even a cursory glance at my profile will tell you that I'm some what of a hockey fan.  Especially of the NHL and my hometown Minnesota Wild.  Well today at 11:00am CST began the annual craze-fest that is the start of Free Agency.  Always an interesting time, but this year the Wild are hoping to reel in some big fish in addition to a number of their top prospects they have turning pro this year.  So I'm firmly attached to the Twitter feed all day/week.

This year's big targets are Zach Parise and Ryan Suter both stars having previous connections with Minnesota.  Despite dealing with interference from those that would rather chat about Napoleonics, Hail Caesar,  Warhammer 40k 6th Edition, etc. I have desperately tried to channel my psychic brain waves in order to mentally convince these elite players to sign with my favorite team.

Come to Minnesota... come to...

Unfortunately Suter is hunkered down on his farm in Wisconsin and strangely there is something that seems to block mental activity once you cross the border.  As far as Parise, he has left his lovely home in Minnesota in order to take offers at the Canuckland office of his agent in Toronto.  There has only been repeated trips to Tim Hortons reported so far, so this might last a few days before a decision is made.  The thought of Zach playing on the Wild next season makes me willing to do almost anything to help that dream come true...

In your eyes, I see us winning...  In your eyes, the Stanley Cup...

Hopefully this detraction from my other wonderful hobby won't last too long and only be a momentary interruption to the gaming blogosphere.  In the meantime be sure to circle back around and take another look at last week's "This Week in Military History" post.  The hit counter tells me that most of you seem to have missed it.  ;-)

Update:  July 4th, unbelievably the Wild were able to sign both top free agents.  Woohoo!  Definitely excited for the NHL season to start!!


  1. I just hope Parise doesn't sign with the Penguins. I doubt he wants to be the Chris Bosh of that team but you never know. Would love to see either him or Suter in Wild uniforms even though one's a hated Badger and the other played for the even-more-hated Sioux.

    FWIW I picked up a copy of 40k 6th edition yesterday on a lark. Last time I owned a copy of the game it was 3rd edition... lots to learn.

    1. Ditto on the Penguins thoughts. It's nice to know that you're a hockey fan as well. As far as the Div I rivalry stuff, I went to St. John's so unless the Wild sign some goofball from St. Thomas, it's all good to me. :)

      As far as 40k, 3rd Ed is when I lost interest in the game. 5th got me back into it, but I didn't get the chance to play. I'm excited about 6th, but really I'm more excited about painting up my "Prussians in space" Mordian IG than anything.

  2. Yeah, I'm a Gopher Alum... I was lucky enough to be at the 2002 NCAA championship game when we beat Maine. For what it's worth I'm hearing that neither Suter nor Parise will be making a decision before Tuesday, so the entire league will be waiting to see where those two land and then most of the other major free agents will start landing in places.

    I haven't played 40K in a long time but I've always like the figures and the background. I have a few Dark Angels at home but am thinking about starting a new army.. either Chaos marines or Tau. The lure of the game is lots of people to play with and enjoying painting something without shako cords or cuffs. :-)

    1. If it makes any difference the new Chaos Codex is due out later this year with a whole new batch of models. (Maybe Dark Angles too I think.) Always need more bad guys/aliens though... plenty of Space Marines out there.

  3. I know nothing of the NHL but good luck with your wishes anyway!

  4. Nice to find another hockey fan wargamer here!

    Good luck for the Wild, but to be honest I've been favouring the Red Wings for the last twenty years - besides my own home team in Germany -the DEG- of course ;-) - so I hope they'll lay their fingers on the cup next year... Hell, they were so bad in the play-offs this year... I granted Nick Lidström to win the cup during his last season...


    1. Sweet!

      I've been favouring the Red Wings to fall off the face of the Earth the last 20 years... :)

      Looking forward to realignment when it finally happens.


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