Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Game Prep & Decanting Spirits

Prepping for the big game!

Well, tomorrow night is the big game and I've been putting some finishing touches on the War Room to get everything ready.  As mentioned before, my old buddy Chris is back in town, and he requested few months back that I organize a big battle of Warhammer 40k for him to kick off the brand new 6th Edition while he was in Minnesota on leave.  He also used the game as motivation to knock out 2000 points of Eldar, which with big kudos to Chris, he managed to accomplish!

Last time Chris was in town was 4-5 years ago and we played a huge four player game of Warhammer Fantasy down at the shop.  This time I have my game room all set up and roped in two of my local gaming buddies, Josh (Space Wolves) and Eric (Orks), to join in on the fun.  With Josh and Eric being more experienced veterans of the recent editions of 40k, I decided it would be best if they would pair up with Chris and I who haven't played for awhile.

The battlefield:  An Industrial wasteland, or something dangerous like that...

With this in mind I also decided to field Chris's Old Skool Ultramarines so that along with Josh, the genetically enhanced warriors of the Imperium could face the unholy xeno alliance of Chris and Eric's Eldar and Orks.  Yeah, don't ask too many questions, just go with it...

Each of us will field 1500 points for a combined 3000 a side.  With that in mind we set up just enough terrain to make things interesting, but not too much to clog things up.  The terrain will also include a few of the cool new rules for being a "dangerous theater" such as a nasty toxic waste dump (Dangerous  terrain) and having some of the storage vats/tanks being able to blow up if you take cover behind them.

For the game scenario, we'll be using the Dawn of War set up and fight a slightly adjusted Emperor's Will scenario from page 130 with two objectives/Comms Relays (page 104) in the middle and 24 inches from each side.

Every game room needs a decanter set, right?

The final bit I'd like to share in this post is one of the more recent additions to the War Room: my new decanter set.  Perhaps a bit silly and bit gentlemanly, I was inspired earlier in the year to get one while I was reorganizing the room back in March/April.  At the time I was also watching a bunch of old Hogan's Heroes episodes and virtually every one had Klink, Hogan, ans Schultz drinking Schnapps from one.  Now I wanted one too!  :-)

"Gentlemen, today's fox!" 

I thought it would be a neat game room tradition to start to have a little toast before our battles.  I'm not a big drinker so my experience is pretty limited.  So the problem now is what to put into it?   Unlike the Schnapps in Col. Klink's office, American Schnapps is more like a trip to Candyland.  For now I went with my brother's initial suggestion and picked up some Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  However, I'm up for any suggestions for the next war.  Recommendations anyone??


  1. Should be a fun game. For spirits, I'm not a huge bourbon drinker so Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey is what I am used to. Moving across the ocean, a nice Glenmorangie, Balvenie or Highland Park would be appropriate.

  2. Hats off, this is the way to game. New army, old friends and a few toasts!

    If I were back in Arizona, I'd say a quality sipping Tequila but that may not go over here in MN.

  3. Thanks guys. Anyone from across the pond have some favorites to recommend for the 'ole game room decanter??


  4. I like the decanter look, I'll have to find space in my gamesroom for one...
    A little while back , when playing LotHS we got into the habit of a wee tot of Navy Rum or Malibu before the games, seemed the right thing to do! ;-)

    1. Thanks, it certainly adds to the enjoyment of the game. :) I'll have to give some thought on theming the contents in the future as well.

    2. Talisker 10 year old single malt


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