Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Napoleonics at AdeptiCon

I was finally hoping to make it out to AdeptiCon in Chicago this April, especially when I found out how relatively close the location was to where my brother and his family lives.  The timing didn't work out for a visit, and for another year the convention seemed to past me by.  I'm not the biggest fan of playing in tournaments, but a number of gaming friends from Minnesota have been going every year and it would be nice to join in on the fun for once.

There are a number of events that might interest me, but this year there was a Napoleonic game put on by a group that includes Dave Taylor, Jamie Welling, Chris Ferich, Alex Akers, Joe Krone, Brien Dulaney, and Dave Pauwels.  If you follow Dave's blog, then you might be already aware of The Guns of April blog that tracked the progress of this group's project.  Not only was it a chance to meet some fellow Napoleonic gamers and see some lovely Perry and Victrix miniatures in action, but also to see a sizable Black Powder game as well.

Despite my absence, my friend Eric was able to hang out at the game for about an hour and came away impressed with the miniatures and rules as well as an possible interest getting into 28mm Napoleonics himself.  There are tons of great pictures on The Guns of April blogsite, but I thought I'd share a few of his pics on here.

Although I played my far share of 15mm historicals I've only recently started my foray into the world of 28mm Napoleonics.  I've always been a fan of any minis by the Perry Brothers, but their current Napoleonic line along with manufacturers of similar quality like Victrix have really finally made a project possible for me at the desired level of quality and detail.  Not to mention very affordable as well with their great plastic kits.

That's why it was especially interesting for me to see the progress by The Guns of April group on their armies.  Most of them are relatively new to the genre, so they probably bring a unique perspective that's not normally found from your typical historical gamer.  Many of them share a similar Warhammer background with me and are used to converting GW's minis especially the plastic kits to add more variety or even create different units.  Couple this with the fact that although they might know a thing or two about the period, their learning curve like mine is a little steeper when it comes to figuring out the ins and out of actually creating a battalion of Napoleonic soldiers in 28mm.

Much of Dave's work on his command stands for example, are just a little green stuff work or simple head/hat swap.  Inspirational stuff as this project has also given me countless ideas for my own Napoleonic projects that I'm working on.  Not just limited to the Perry's Prussian range, many of their Dutch officers for example can be easily converted into Prussians with the addition of another row of buttons, a sash, a new hat, or maybe a tweak of the horse furniture.

I'd like to thank all the guys from The Guns of April for sharing their project with the rest of us on the blogosphere.  Along with all the influences it will certainly have on my current armies, it definitely inspires me to be part of a similar project in the future.  Only time will tell, but first I just need to knock out a brigade or two and start rolling some dice.

As a added bonus along with all the pictures, Eric also brought me back a freebie Marshal Ney from Gorgon Studios.  Thanks again Eric for the pics and the mini.  :-)


  1. Fantastic looking BP game - beautifully painted figures & loads of them! Great Ney figure too! Dean

  2. Some great pics and an excellent freebie!!!

  3. A nice report and great pics. Thanks for sharing!

    Looks like a great game.


  4. The game was really, really cool to see and seemed very easy to play. I'm excited to give Black Powder a go as well as some games of Hail Caesar down the road. Yay for Warlord Games!


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