Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wargames Illustrated Special - Great Wargames

Finally found a local shop that carried the Wargames Illustraed Special issue that was released last month.  So I thought I'd throw up a quick and dirty overview of the mag for those that are curious.  The pics aren't meant to be any attempt at high quality photos, just a quick glance to give you the basic idea of what's inside.

The mag is wall to wall pictures.  123 pages, 27 battles, and over 380 photos.  The text is limited to the titles and a little blurb inside those blue boxes.  Tons of miniature eye candy with no commercial interruptions.

I love wargaming pictures.  I tend to visit blogs that feature lots of pics, and try to include a bunch in my own posts.  I also love flipping through miniature eye candy before I go to bed, when I'm bored, or when I just need a dose of inspiration.  All in all, this was a nice little purchase for me to enjoy an get inspired by.  Maybe not the greatest thing ever or for everyone, but I'm enjoying my copy.


  1. Thanks for putting this up, I am very tempted


  2. You're welcome! Your blog post was one of the reasons I threw this up. :)



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