Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Movie Trailer

Thank you to Quidamcorvus over at Warheim Fantasy Skirmish for posting this!  Apparently the trailer was released sometime Tuesday night, and could be all over the Interwebs for all I know.  To avoid any further embarrassment, I will not describe how excited I was after watching this. :-)  Enjoy!



  1. I liked that a lot...but next December...bah humbug!

  2. A whole year away... (sigh)

    Gotta say when those dwarves started singing I went beyond excited. So good... can't wait. :)

  3. Looks like the Hobbit movies will be just as good as the other 3. Thanks for putting this up!

  4. I share your excitement; just loved Jackson's treatment of 'Lord of the Rings' and have no doubt he will bring the same inspirational skill to this. Roll on next year!

  5. I saw it 10 minutes ago...looks brilliant...but so much time until it comes out!!!!! Well, all good things are worth waiting for
    Happy X-mas

  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! he's coming!!!!!!
    I can't believe it!!!!!!!
    I love the end of the trailer, "mu precious"!

  7. Looking forward to this! But it will be a long wait :-(


  8. It does look excellent but showing us suckers a look a whole year before we can see the film is really taking the pi$$!!

  9. I've just been clicking through your blog Jason, I've a question for you-How did you get the top picture to change each time a new page is reloaded? It's a great little tool!

  10. Hey Ray,

    Did you miss the 2 paragraphs I spent blabbing about it in the other post?... ;-)

    The simple answer is that I had to write some HTML code/Javascript and create my own "gadget" in the template space underneath the header that links back to a Picasa album I set up with all the title pics I created.

    The actual "header" pic is a 1000 x 500 clear/blank PNG that is just a very thin rectangle outline to hold the space otherwise the "title" pics I created don't show through properly.

    This might be simple stuff for someone more computer savvy, but I basically patched together bits from at least 3 tutorials I found and figured out the rest through trial and error.

    Maybe you can figure it out from what I already said, but the real explanation/code/step by step would take a lengthy e-mail which I could definitely send you if you seriously would like to know more. Maybe the explanation wouldn't need to be as long if I actually understood what I'm doing. As it is, I can only pass on the steps I took.

    A little part of me wants to guard my secrets since it did take awhile for me to set up and makes my blog a bit unique, but maybe someday I'll put up a tutorial if the demand from the masses grows. :-)

    Either way, I'm glad you like it!

  11. I was lost on "Hey Ray"!!!
    If you'd like to share your secret I'd very much like have it. ;0)
    Here's my email address just incase??


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