Sunday, December 4, 2011

Encounter at Grimminhagen Graveyard - Part 1

"Spooky times!"

"Get down!  Keep quiet!"  Heinrich Helsturm hissed through his clinched teeth.  The not so stealthy Imperial noble behind him had generously helped fund this expedition, but Helsturm was starting to regret bringing him along.  Karl Schwarzeblitz, his skill with the blade, and the state troops that accompanied him were all better suited to the open battlefield, not the grim work of witch hunters.  Still, his three templars Nachtmann, Hoch, and Wilheim were a solid rock, and the ogre Fezzik and his warhounds obeyed without question.

Surveying the valley below through moon cast shadows, Heinrich could start to make out the ranks of tombstones and statues peering out of the thick fog that clung to the ground like a sweat soaked shirt.  He knew their quarry was close.  He could taste the evil tang in the air.  Father Gregor and his flagellants could feel it too as they started to mumble the words of Sigmar to themselves.  Indeed they would soon put Jacob Schreck's Tome of the Damned to the torch and extinguish its evil forever.

A chill wind bit at Helsturm's face.  Something else foul soiled the air.  Something only his experienced nose and sharp dogs could pick up from this distance.  Something similar but wholly different and unnatural from the typical odors that emanated from an ancient and neglected graveyard such as this.  Something that reeked of undeath.

Witch Hunter Captain Heinrich Helsturm and his warband would face certainly face some stiff competition for the unholy grimoire this night.

Grimminhagen Graveyard setup inside Village Games' new game room.

Finally getting around to posting a batrep for this year's Halloween battle Eric and I played in late October.  The scenario was basically a chance encounter/treasure hunt type game between Witch Hunters and the Undead.  Both parties run into each other while searching for Jacob Schreck's Tome of the Damned which is hidden somewhere in Grimminhagen Graveyard.  The Witch Hunters seek to destroy the unholy tome while a certain vampire craves its evil secrets.

There are 10 possible locations throughout the graveyard the grimoire might be found.  These are marked by pumpkins with the number 1 through 10 marked on the bottom.  As the list below shows, number 1 is the book, 2 and 3 are items that will help the good guys, 4 and 5 the bad, and 6 is useful to either side.  In addition, the remaining four locations (7 through 10) contain traps to add to the fun.  :-)

When an item is found it can be carried by someone in base contact.  The item can also be taken away by knocking that someone down.  Even if the item is used/spent, the player must still hold on to it to gain any victory points for the end of the game.  I believe the book was worth 3, the other items 1, and killing the opposing warband leader 2.  The VPs were really only there in case there was no clear winner.

The main objective however, was to find the book and safely take it a predetermined location in the graveyard.  We didn't want the game to just end with finding the book or fleeing with it off the table edge.  Instead, after finding it the good guys had to take it to the base of the large "Fritz" statue inside the pond, and the evil guys had to take it to the tomb on top of the large mausoleum.  Both locations were towards the middle of the board, giving the other side at least a shot at stopping the other.  Once a side takes the book to their location, the game ends and they win.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we used the base rules from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings SBG along with some stuff from Legends of the High Seas which shares the same basic mechanics.  Although the forces and setting is still very much inspired by the Warhammer world and Mordheim, those skirmish rules are now a bit dated.  I'll talk more about how well these rules worked later, but having played LOTR and Pirate battles before, we knew they were solid.

The warband rosters (see below), stats, equipment, and any special abilities such as spells or prayers were also taken from something comparable inside these two rulebooks.  As we get more games under our belts I'm sure there will be a few tweaks, but for now let me introduce the opposing warbands.

Between the little intro story and the cards above, the Witch Hunters are pretty self explanatory.  We also gave special rules for the models that carried torches which have a radius of 12 inches in the darkness.  Anyone (other than Helsturm) that is outside the radius of light is -1 to their Fight and Courage value.  More pictures of my Witch Hunters can be found here.

Next up is Vudir's undead crew, who will get their into story in part 2.  The evil side contains two vampires, a werewolf, two powerful spirits/wights, and a number of ghouls.  Again, their stats and stuff can be seen on the cards below.

A third, more random force on the board was the Zombies.  These are the restless dead of Grimminhagen Graveyard that have been disturbed by the powerful presence of Jacob Schreck's Tome of the Damned.

Each turn ended with D3 zombies appearing 3D6 inches from the center of the board in a random direction.  From there, each zombie moves toward and attacks the nearest model good or evil.  Their stats are on the undead cards above and I had 40 figs available for raisin'.  ;-)

We decided to play this game at Village Games and check out their brand new game room expansion.  I'll just say for now the large, clean, well lit room was a joy to game in.  The only negative is that they do not supply any terrain, so no terrain boards.  So although we were all set with my graveyard stuff, we had to improvise with a brown gaming mat.

So now that the rules and scenario stuff are out of the way and the graveyard is all set up, it's time to get the miniatures on the table.  For deployment, the table edge was divided into six sections and the warbands would deploy in a random sector determined by a D6.  Eric and I rolled a 3 and a 6 respectively, which meant that our forces would deploy straight across from each other.  Things would get interesting quick...

Unfortunately dear readers, that concludes Part 1.  Be sure to check back for Part 2 later in the week for more "Spooky Times" as things get a bit more serious in Grimminhagen Graveyard...


  1. Excellent looking game, looking forward to part2!!

  2. So far very interesting. Roll on part 2!

  3. Oh I say what a wonderful game, roll on part 2. Love the miniatures, top quality Sir.

  4. Great looking report so far, like your stat cards, a nice pics too.


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