Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering Veterans Day

You never make friends like the ones you served with.

Wishing all my fellow US military veterans an enjoyable Veterans Day!  I was proud to serve my country and I salute others who have done the same.

For my part to make the day a little more 'enjoyable' for everyone, I thought I'd throw in a pic from my days as a cadet on the ROTC Ranger Challenge Team in 1993. (First row, center)  Back when I still dreamed of being a future Patton or Rommel, and before the Army deemed me too smart to lead panzer legions and made me Military Intelligence. ;-)

OK, maybe a few more...

Yeah, the guy on the end closest to the camera wasn't from our unit
nor was he posing for this pic, but he was a good sport all the same.

Update:  Throwing in this quote my Mom send to me today from General Omar Bradley:

"Veterans are God's gift to us.  Freedom is their gift to the world."


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