Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing Dioramas - Recreaciones Históricas en miniatura

Unfortunately due to a couple computer virus attacks, migraine headaches, and other fun stuff my time posting and commenting on the blogosphere has been quite limited lately.  I did however want to share some amazing Napoleonic era diorama photos and links from the guys at Recreaciones Históricas en miniatura (A company specializing in building dioramas and models with absolute historical accuracy for museum exhibition halls, cultural associations, corporations, etc.., Also for individuals.)

 Group shot of the masters at RHm.

The Recreaciones Históricas en miniatura is the newest of the three blog sites I wish to feature in this post.  It is perhaps the more "official" site of the group, and it presently  showcases the four dioramas built to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Albuera (May 16, 1811).

 The exhibition at Albuera.

These four dioramas of Albuera were done in a 14 month period, over 3000 hours of work, and include over 1500 hand painted (and many converted) 28mm miniatures.  My photos here are really just an introduction to these awesome displays.  Many more pics (including close-ups) and details including the history, units involved, and description of what's exactly is happening in each of the displays can be found on the site as well.

The "Center of the Battle" diorama.

"Action at the Bridge of Albuera" diorama.

"The Battle of the People of Albuera 1811" diorama.

"Attack of the French Cavalry" diorama.

The second site I would like to share  is the Blog de Curro.  This site is definitely a more work in progress blog featuring not only the workshop and the Albuera dioramas, but some other works and the current "Siege of Badajoz" project.

The third and by far the oldest site is Diorama de Trafalgar.  This features the ongoing personal project of a scene from the Naval Battle of Trafalgar centered around the harassment of the Spanish flagship Santísima Trinidad.  Although a few of the ships have been displayed as vignettes, the final diorama calls for no less than 8 1/56 scale ships.  Amazing stuff!

Although it would take hours to check out all the great stuff packed into these three blog sites, there's also an album of tons more pictures found here.  If that isn't enough there's always a...

Bonus video!



  1. Absolutly stunning work, I love the bridge and the ships are just.........fantastic, thanks for passing on the links!!

  2. Wow, amazing stuff. The ships look awesome.

  3. Amazing stuff....I was literally drooling.

  4. Yeah, I'm not a big Naval guy, but those ships are stunning. The first time I stumbled across Blog de Curro and saw those ships in the background along the wall, I knew I had found something special.

    By the way, that video is certainly the easy way to see all the pics of the Albuera dios accompanied by some nice Spanish music. :-)

  5. Truly amazing!!!! The trafalger one!!!!!!! I love those big sailing ships but how anyonw has the paitience to build them...I wish I could manage to..

  6. Wow I would have loved to gone to this expo! Nice photos.

  7. recreaciones historicas en miniatura se ha dividido en otra emprese llamada


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