Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooky Mordheim Battles, Part 2

More Spooky Times!

  October 2004

Life got in the way and didn't allow the usual big Halloween game in 2004, but I did end up playing a small Skaven vs Undead game with two of my friends.  I honestly don't remember much about this game other than the fact that it was the first game I hosted at the apartment I lived at back then.  Kind of dress rehearsal for the next game...

March 2005

Well, we decided to make up for the missed game and do a Halloween "post-mortem" early in 2005.  Everyone finally got their schedules to match in March and I hosted the game at my place.  There's definitely pluses for gaming down at the shop, but having a place to game at home has a lot of bonuses too!

 This match-up involved three Sisters of Sigmar warbands vs three Vampires/Undead ones.  I believe one Undead group started out in the middle and the other came in relief, but the memory is foggy on this game as well.  I do remember winning because my vamp survived or something...  ;-)

Great minis, terrain, and even a solid scenario are one thing, but what you really need for these type of game are the right people.  Competitive to a point, but mainly there to have fun and more than willing to go with the flow when things don't go as smoothly or their way.  Which kind of foreshadows what happens in the next game...

Again, this battle built up nicely to the cinematic clash between the heroes and villains inside the main mausoleum.  Overall a great time, but probably more remembered for one infamous moment when one guy knocked over my statue of Morr and broke off the wings.  Not such a big deal really until he looked straight at me accusingly and asked (totally serious),  "You didn't pin the wings?" instead of the customary "Oops, sorry."  Funny how that guy never played Mordhiem with us again...  ;-)

 October 2005

Back at Phoenix Games, this time we tried a breakout scenario with a Witch Hunter, Sisters of Sigmar, and Middenheimer warband attempting to get the hell out of the city of the damned while three Undead warbands closed in.  This was another scheduled event game I believe as not only did the Undead forces arrive at certain times, but the "good" guys had to make it out of the city in a certain number of turns.

This is one of those games that didn't go so well.  The good guys got bogged down very quickly and kind of bottle-necked themselves in their deployment and moves.  With the scenario making clear that speed was of the essence, they seemed to be trying to fight everyone normally instead of sacrificing a few souls to delay the deadites while the others escaped.

No doubt the scenario was a real challenge, but this is where better gamers go with the flow and give it their best shot no matter what the odds.  Our original Sisters player couldn't make it and we had a last minute substitution that would end up ruining the game for the most part.  Complaining early and often, and let's just say the behavior went downhill from there.  Not at all fun.

Maybe the board was a little long, but unlike the Undead players, the moves by the good guys were clumsy and uncoordinated.  I would of gladly switched places, because I think playing one of the escaping warbands would have been more of adrenaline rush, with a more run and gun mentality, and having the final turns take place before the city gate like intended.

Although I have few more pics to share covering 2006-2009 in part 3, we really haven't played a big 6+ player scenario driven Halloween game since.  Maybe the 2005 game killed things for us or maybe that's just life. A lot of other games have entered our hobby lives since then along with work, wives, kids, and stuff.

On a more positive note, Eric and I do have a spooky game planned for Friday night (28th) which should be tons of fun!  :-)

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  1. Great!!! I like it..seasonally themed wargames :-D
    And yes..I like the layout..but I do look at the side bars on other can find some interesting little bits and pieces there sometimes :-D


  2. Another set of great games - wow that terrain setup is fab. I'd love to play some pulp or Cthulhu games on that!

  3. I agree. Eric and I are currently messing around with the Lord of the Rings skirmish rules and the Warhammer Historical version as well.

    I don't want to get ahead of ourselves at this point, but I am hopping to come up with some rules adaptations for Victorian Sci-Fi and Horror later down the road if all goes well.


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