Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shadow (forming) in the East

Although I don't currently plan on working on my Easterling/Khand army anytime soon, I have been itching to finalize some details on color schemes and army lists to help guide my collecting on eBay, etc.  The traditional red has always looked good on these guys, but I wanted to give green a whirl too.

I painted up two test models, and the green one confirmed the potential I saw all along.  It makes a slightly different, but still great looking scheme for the evil men of the East.  I think the green and gold throughout the army will be very striking.  I even polled my three nephews when they came over to visit, and it was green all the way.  :-)

I don't have any Khand models at the moment to try out the scheme on them, but I have a pretty good idea how I want them to look.  Their back banners especially will add a lot to the army appearance.  Unfortunately trying to collect the infantry models is way too expensive, so the cavalry and chariots will have to do.

On the subject of banners, since the Easterlings dress up as and probably worship dragons, I'm going to have some sort of oriental dragon on all of then.  Green banners with golden dragons.  Might even hunt down an eastern looking dragon model to add to the army when everything else is done.

As for an initial army list, I've come up with basically an all cavalry army to start off the fun.  Although the solid Easterling infantry will come later, I'll use the list below as a starting point.  Not necessarily a true competitive list, but one based more on the models I already have and the fact that my friend has a Rohan force.  Plus, I will be totally different than my all infantry Dwarf army.

At 1500 points my army will basically look like this:

Epic Villains:
Amdur, Lord of Blades (I might try using Suladan's rules for an Easterling general too)
Khamul the Easterling (Ringwraith)

Common Formations:
Easterling Kataphrakt Cohort (6 Compaines, Dragon Kinght, Banner, and Drummer)
+ Fate - Tormented Steeds
Khandish Mercenary Raiders (4-6 Companies, Chieftain, and Hornblower)

Warg Rider Warband (9 Companies, Captain, Banner, Drummer, and Taskmaster(?) )

Rare Formations:
Khandish King Chariot (x 2)

There are sure to be some tweaks, but this is where I'll start the fun.  For the jump to 2000+ the infantry will start showing up along with some Siege Bows, Archers, and maybe another character.  Those pike formations will take this army to a whole new level, but you have to start somewhere...


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