Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Night of the Zombie

Grrr!  Argh!

In keeping with the Spooky Times theme, I thought I would share this simple but fun "Night of the Zombie" game from a few years back.  This was one of the first organized events after Tower Games in Minneapolis opened, and there was quite a crowd as you can see.

The organizers asked each person to paint up a Warhammer hero and 10 zombies to bring for the fun.  I have about 100 zombies myself, so I ended up supplying some my friends that are not as enthused in the hobby department.  The game itself used a "quick" version of the Mordheim rules, and you had so many points to kit out your hero on stat sheets like the ones in the pic below.

The scenario was basically the last man standing with a big prize (Gift certificate) awarded to the last survivor. The zombies were constantly regenerating at the edge of the woods as we killed them and even some ghouls started popping out of the doors and wells of the ruined tower to take care of those few "heroes" that were hiding behind everyone else.  About halfway through the game two of us decided to try to make a break for it, but that plan didn't go too well.  :-)

A fun night of mindless dice rolling got even better for me, when I was awarded with the "surprise" prize for the best painted hero.  A few grumblers complained that they would put more effort into their hero had they known, but I think they missed the point.  Probably the same folks that didn't bring their own zombies either.

My Witch Hunter hero and 10 of my zombies.

The game was originally supposed to be played over a model/terrain (see below) from some horror movie, but the guy canceled at the last minute.  If you happen to recognize the house from some obscure movie, please let me know in the comments below.

The next year they did a 40k version using the Necromunda rules, but I wasn't able to attend.  There has been some talk of doing another zombie game this year either with pirates or 40k again.  We'll see.


  1. Looks like a bloody mess! Must of been a lot of fun.

    Is that Witch Hunter from your Mordheim band you have posted? You did a great job on all those figs. You should have brought the ogre though. ;)

  2. Yes it is, thank you. The ogre definitely would have been fun, but probably not allowed. Maybe this year though... :-)

  3. Q: What does a vegan zombie crave?

    A: Grraaaiiiins!

  4. I like the cool scary building with the fog!

  5. That looks amazing, last one out alive.


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