Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fireforge Games - Deus Vult!

A thunderous new crusade in 28mm Medieval historical plastic miniatures is about to be unleashed onto the wargaming world. (Cheesy stuff, I know. :-) )  Fireforge Games, a company so new that their website is still under construction at the time of this post, is preparing to release its first multi-part plastic miniatures boxed set:  Teutonic Knights.

This will be the first of five planned Medieval period boxed sets in their initial Western Knights/Crusader line.  The first three boxes will be totally compatible, and together will include the bits/options to build virtually any Western European knight in the late 12th and 13th century.

The box will include 12 knights and be in the same price range of a Perry Miniatures or Warlord Games cavalry set (18-20 GBP).  The miniatures are still a WIP, and the pictures shown are mostly 3 Ups.  Bob Naismith is the sculptor, and the goal is to have the first release in December.

We'll probably see some infantry and mounted sergeants in the forth and fifth boxed set, and each "faction/line" will be completed before moving on to the next.  If all goes well, a opposing faction from either the Middle East or Northeast Europe will be next with the creation of a "gaming system" in the future.

For now you can check these guys out on Facebook here where you'll find more pictures and info.  There are also discussions about the miniatures with the owner of Fireforge Games going on at WarSeer and Dakka Dakka.

Personally, I really don't need another upcoming miniature release to get excited about.  Too many projects I want to do lined up already, but I've always been a big fan of Teutonic Knights for as long as I can remember.  I painted up a 15mm DBM army back in the '90s, but never came across a descent 25-28mm range since then.  That said, I'm quite interested to see how their miniature range turns out.

Although lower on the priority list, I'd like to paint up an army or two for the Hail Caesar rules.  Any future Viking project will be strictly skirmish level, but I was hoping to see some new plastic Carthaginians, etc. down the road.  I suppose if Fireforge Games hits a home run on the Teutons and comes out with top notch Rus line that Alexander Nevsky would be proud of, I might be headed for the Battle of the Ice someday.  Poles and Lithuanians wouldn't be bad either.  We'll see.  :-)

Bonus video!

Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights from Fireforge Games on Vimeo.


  1. Oh very, very nice. Thanks so much for an additional distraction I really didn't need :-D

  2. Ha! Paul that's exactly what I thought when I stumbled across these guys. :-)

    Deus Vult! - God wills it!

  3. They do look rather nice, fortunately at the moment I'm far to busy to get into another period...........

  4. The temptation is can I resist...the price maybe??

  5. Color me very interested! Thanks for posting this.

  6. I'm still very excited about this game and the minis - did you ever end up getting some to try out?

    1. Unfortunately no, way too much cool stuff out there!


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