Monday, September 26, 2011

English Civil War - SORTED!!

"I don't respect your authoritah!"

With my historical gaming interests firmly planted in the Horse & Musket era with Seven Years War and Napoleonics; the English Civil War has never really been on my radar.  The closest I've gotten was a 15mm Thirty Years War Swedish army for DBM.

"Stop having fun!"

I'm looking to return to historicals in force next year, but this time in 28mm.  The problem is the lack of local interest and/or players, so if I start a SYW project for example, I'll have to plan on painting two armies.  There's actually one local talented painter I know working on Warlord Games' lovely Pike & Shotte miniature line.   He's tempted me more than once to join in, and I'm still thinking it over.  Main problem is I didn't have any idea what army I would do or much about the period really.

 "War is more fun with poodles!"

My search for knowledge lead me to YouTube hoping for some History Channel documentary, but ran across the BBC Horrible Histories TV series instead leading to some fun posts on this blog.  Well, after watching the West Side Story inspired ECW song below, I think things are properly sorted for me now.   If I end up collecting an ECW army it's definitely Cavaliers, Prince Rupert, big silly hats, and fun party guys for me!

Long set up for a silly video I know... Enjoy! :-)


  1. My buddies are gearing up for 28mm Napoleonic skirmish next year, using Sharpe's Practice. I've never been a Nappie Nut, but I could really go in for that....if I wasn't moving interstate at Christmas time that is :-(

  2. Looks like a fun period to paint up. I think I'd go with the Roundheads myself. :) Loved that HH video too. Just like the scene from West Side Story but with silly hats!

  3. Funny video. Love the old movie pics. Great looking blog btw.


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