Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nice surprise arrived in the mail today...

Black Powder!

I've wanted to pick up Warlord Games' Black Powder rulebook for quite some time now, and the with the announcement of their first supplement The Last Argument of Kings earlier this Summer, that desire grew tenfold.  However, the fact I won't be able to jump into a new historical project until at least next year helped keep that desire at bay.

Well, there's always the need to plan for future projects and the itch became too great to ignore any further.  Although I scanned the Interwebs and eBay for a sweet deal, I ended up ordering from Warlord Games themselves.  With their free world wide postage and the free exclusive mini included with each book, it didn't really make sense to order from anyone else.  (I'm a sucker, I know. :-) )

The only problem is the wait.  Warlord's website states to allow two weeks to a month for world wide shipping.  My last order from across the pond from a certain resin model company took three weeks!  Despite this I went ahead and placed my order for the two Black Powder rulebooks last Friday and fully expected not see them until the end of the month at the earliest.

Much to my surprise, I found a package waiting for me outside my door today.  Obviously, I am very pleased with my first experience with the chaps at Warlord Games.  Thanks guys!!  :-)

The Wullies

The books are stock full of miniature eye candy, and I'm pretty excited to sit down and have a good read through.  The exclusive minis are very nice as well (Big Wullie & Wee Wullie), and should be really fun to paint up.

I'm really hoping Black Powder can help open up a fun new historical chapter to my wargaming hobby, and there's certainly tons of possibilities.  Huzzah!


  1. They're supposed to be very good rules, I've read loads of write ups about them on others blogs. Cool free figures too!

  2. Yeah Ray, I love the spirit in which they're written, and the battle are a grand sight. Hopefully good times ahead.

    Although after seeing your recent battle report, I do still have a soft spot for 15's (and I still have heaps of them), but it might be time to move on to 28mm. Especially with all the sweet new minis that have come out in recent years.


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