Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Viking Sagas, Part 1: Hägar vs The Trolls

In 2001 when I first moved back home to Minnesota from Texas and the Army, one of my first battles that Fall/Winter was a fun little skirmish battle with my Vikings.  The scenario set up by my new buddy Eric would include fighting a witch, some wolves, a bunch of troublesome rock throwing trolls, and some other big surprise as well.

Eric made a great little rules booklet based on Warhammer Skirmish and Mordheim that included a Viking warband list, equipment, and even optional Family heirlooms (magic items) and stat increases.  The little Norse trolls that you'll see the pictures below, were cleverly made from their Warmaster cousins, and given bushy hair and tails along with the essential big noses too.  :-)

A number of years later itching to see the little guys again, we set up a massive two part skirmish battle.  The tale of part one is told here...

From the far north, the Witch's icy menace has gripped all the lands in a shadow of fear.  Stories abound that she controls the very elements of nature and the weather.  Every drinking hall is full of whispers of trolls and rumors of things much worse, as if the Witch could command the very mountains to raise up and fight for her.

Konungr Hägar's mead has grown stale and worry sits heavy on his brow.  The time has come to venture north and rid his realm of this evil once and for all.  He sends out pleas for aid to both friend and rival alike, but no one answers his call.  Finally, he gathers the best of his warriors and sets out alone to earn his song...

After a grueling journey, Hägar's men reach the forbidden valley where the Witch's lair is said to be.  However, there can be no doubt as they gaze on the evil totems and great piles of skulls.  Each man feels a shiver run down his spine and labors to steady his resolve.

Meanwhile, in the lair of the Witch, sharp eyed scouts report in, and the hag gathers her forces and powers to face the foolish intruders.

The little trolls scurry this way and that, eager to find the right hiding place to sprung their ambush.  Their larger cousins gather throwing stones about them hoping that each will spell the doom of many warriors.

Hägar sets up his archers on the high ground and unleashes his warhounds to scout ahead.  The men steel their hearts and grip their axes tight as they enter the mountain pass.

Barking dogs and flying rocks signal that the battle has begun.  Lightening arches down from the sky and darkness loams.  Berserkers and the Ulfhednar surge forth, unable to contain their bloodlust any further.  The larger trolls launch their great boulders of death, but Hägar's war horns answer in reply.  The Witch's chanting is heard on the wind.  Then all falls quiet as the very earth begins to shake and move...

One of the great stones comes to life in the form a of giant mountain troll.  The Ulfhednar howl their defiance, but the the monster shatters all before it.  Doubt enters Hägar's heart, but still he bravely leads his men forward.

Over the howling winds another war horn is heard, and out of the forest erupt a new host of warriors.  One of the neighboring Jarls has answered Hägar's call for aid and hope is renewed.

The Witch flexes her forces to meet this new threat, and conjures another spell to blast her foes.  The mountain troll continues to slaughter warrior after warrior.

Momentarily pushed back, Hägar and his hirdsmen launch another assault on the massive troll.  He sends his hounds on one last desperate bid to silence the Witch in hopes to end her hold over the terror before them.

(Blurry because it's an action shot...)

After dealing with her wolves the hounds make short work of the old hag, and the tide finally begins to turn.  Vigor is renewed as the men struggle to finish their task.

The last remaining trolls are cut down or disappear into the shadows.  The mountain troll falls like a great tree and crumbles back into the earth from whence it came.  Everywhere brother warriors embrace and then turn to tend to the fallen.

The army strikes camp and settles down for a much needed rest.  The Ulfhednar tent is strategically placed downwind and far away.  Mead helps the men forget their weary bones and battered flesh.  Sleep is easy to find.

A good night's sleep is cut short as the watch sounds the alarm.  Dawn brings with it a new threat as a rival army is spotted approaching the valley hoping to take advantage of the weakened condition of Hägar and his men.  What loathsome cur would stoop so low?  To battle!

To be continued in part 2...


  1. That as an awesome game. It was fun to see your face when I pulled out the Mountain troll and sized it up to the vikings!

  2. Bloody Brilliant! I think all but the most hardened of Odinn-men would quail before that terror!

    Looking fwd to Part 2!

  3. PS I LOVE your terrain setup! Great table with those rocky crags everywhere. Lovely job

  4. WH - Yep, and muttered some Charlie Brown comment like "Great..."

    Paul - Those mountains were from some long forgotten Warhammer Dwarf campaign and certainly came in handy with our Viking battles. I'm afraid they were lost when Phoenix Games in Minneapolis closed down. :(

  5. I need to get those back from Neil...

    he still has them.


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