Monday, August 22, 2011

The Army of Erebor - Dwarf Ballista

This is the first of two Dwarf Ballistas for my War of the Ring army.  Another great model in the GW Dwarf range.  Very effective when my dice are cooperating, and a battery of two will be perfect at balancing out the odds.

Might go back and redo the base if I ever get around to magnetizing the army, but the "sitting on top" look is fine for now.  Plus the opportunity to turn my ballista bases into mini dioramas is temping.

As wounds equal models in War of the Ring, I've added an older metal dwarf warrior for my third crew member.  I think he fits in nicely, and three crew looks better in my opinion.

Like all the metal minis in GW's Lord of the Rings line, the price of the Dwarf Ballista is pretty steep at $20 a pop.  It's really only a blister of three "short" models, so I was happy to snag my second one at a discount.  For my future Easterling army, I'm already eying some ancient Roman ballista plastic models along with some plastic Easterling minis to stand in for an Orc Siege Bow.

Coming next, an "Old friend."  :-)


  1. I'm a fan of your Dwarf Ballista in particular and Lotr Dwarf army in general!


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