Monday, August 15, 2011

The Army of Erebor - Balin & Friends

Here's Balin, Lord of Moria looking all sweet with his Superman cape and all.  Balin makes a great army general for my Erebor force and is half the cost of Dain Ironfoot.  Which allows me to include an "Old Friend" in the army I wouldn't be able to fit in with Dain unless we're playing a bigger game of War of the Ring.

This miniature and the original Khazad Guard boxed set that he came in really set the standard for the rest of the Dwarf miniature line to follow.  Great minis every one.  Equally as disappointing was the fact Dain's mini (see here) was basically a copy of Balin with a new helmet and the axe switched to the left hand.  I'll probably end up using Durin's fig for my Dain.

I only have my command company of the Khazad Guard done, but a very promising start as these guys look great.  Great unit on the battlefield too.  Throw in a character like Balin and they'll wreck someone's day.

I have three more companies of Khazad Guard I'm currently working on.  I think four companies is perfect size for these guys for any army of 1000 points or more.  Normal Dwarf Warrior units can get by with three, but four companies of Khazad Guard is right amount to ensure this unit is effective all game long.

This next mini is the one I originally used for my King's Champion.  MVP in many a battle and still scary threat in the others.  As much as my opponents hated seeing this guy run around a wreck stuff, I loved every minute of it.  His set of rules are perfect with Epic Challenge and Epic Duel, and makes for great gaming drama and fun.  :-)

The new King's Champion model (found here) finally solves the question of base size for this "formation," and definitely looks sweet with the two banner/shield bearer and everything.  Still, I've got a soft spot for this guy who has a good amount of "Epicness" about him as well.

I've thought about making a second King's Champion sized base and putting him with some other figs, but can the King really have more than one Champ?  Doesn't seem right.  Although he might look awesome on top of a fallen cave troll or pile of Uruk-hai, the new Champ models deserve a spot on the field too.

I'll have to find some way to honor my original Champ, but for now he's just an extra Dwarf Captain.


  1. Great figs, made better with your wonderful paint jobs - good stuff!

  2. The King might have only one champion, but he could have a number of "shield bearers" or have multiple Heroes in his Army

  3. Thanks Paul!

    Yeah, the King's Champion is rare formation in the Dwarf army list for WotR, and with the new model we now know it's 3 figs on a 60mm base. (King's Champ and 2 Shield/Banner Bearers) It's not a 0-1 choice, but still... having only one makes it a little more epic.

    I'm already using the other Dwarf "King" minis for the Shield Bearers option on my units, and my Captains come right from the command pack.

    For now I'll use the fig for one of my Captains from time to time, and if properly inspired I might just model up another King's Champion base with him on there.

    Who knows what new Dwarven goodness the Hobbit movies will bring to the GW line. So there might be other options in the future...

  4. Games Workshop's only sweet dwarves are LotR. Period.

    Good stuff man.

  5. They're pretty sweet on the battlefield too..

    "Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!"

  6. Nice job on these. All your stuff looks great!

  7. May I trouble you for your paint colours and washes? I really like the colours of blue/silver/gold and would like to use this scheme for my Blood Bowl Dwarf Team. Thanks!

  8. Sure Paul, no problem. (v)=Vallejo and (c)=Citadel

    The main blue is Prussian Blue(v) and is mixed with Codex Grey(c) for the highlights. Thinned down Badab Black(c) wash is used when needed to tone things down a bit and add some shading (black line) next to armor.

    The off-white under shirts/sleeves on my dwarves start with Leather Brown(v) and highlights mix in some Kommando Khaki(c) and finally a little Skull White(c).

    The leather belts and boots are Scorched Brown(C) with highlights of Beastial Brown(c) and then Snakebite Leather(c) mixed in. Then given a Devlan Mud(c) wash.

    The chainmail is Boltgun Metal(c)highlighted with Chainmail(c)washed with Badab Black and some Devlan Mud. Mithril Silver(c) is used for some of the extreme highlights like on the axe blades.

    The gold bits start off with a base of Tin Bitz(c) + a little Chaos Black(c). Then highlights of Bronze(v) and Old Gold(v). I then use a watered down Winsor & Newton Peat Brown ink wash (A mix of Badab Black and Devlan Mud would probably work too), and then come back with another highlight of Old Gold(v) and then mix in some Chainmail(c) or Mithril Silver(c) for the final highlight.

    I do the final highlights on the metal parts after spraying with Testor's Dullcote.

    If you need anything else just let me know!

  9. Answers some of my questions too, thanks for the paint recipes mate!

  10. Thanks Mate, appreciated - I'll get me some Prussian Blue(v) and I'll be good to go then!


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