Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazing Terrain - Tabletop World

A Tabletop World Town

During my Internet wanderings last year, I ran across a very nice online wargames terrain company called Tabletop World.  They sell 28mm European/Medieval/Fantasy buildings and accessories that have been scratch built and then cast in resin.  Today while doing a Google image search I happened to run across them once again , and I must say their current products are pretty amazing.  Not that their original stuff wasn't.  :-)

Some might consider these terrain pieces a little pricey, but when you see the exterior and interior detail as well as the furniture and accessories that come with each piece, the prices seem reasonable to me.  Either way, their stuff is very inspirational to say the least, and I hope to become a customer in the future when I can afford to.

 When I say scratch built, I mean SCRATCH BUILT.  According to their website, Tabletop World are a couple of friends in Rijeka, Croatia who started making their own gaming terrain back in 1997.  Over the years they started to get crazy and turn things up a notch or two (possibly all the way to eleven) constantly challenging themselves to get better and better.

They decided along the way they wanted to make terrain that was as realistic as possible, so they build their buildings literally stone by stone.  Yes, those are real stones in these WIP pictures that they cut and shape themselves.  A very time consuming process that produces great results  Amazing stuff!!

In 2007 they started casting and producing their high quality terrain in resin, and have been offering great stuff ever since.  Here's a few shots from their website (I hope they don't mind) that gives you a good sample of their current product line.


More pictures (inside and out) of this awe inspiring stuff can be found on their website, and their Coolminiornot gallery.  Last year Tabletop World acquired a new vacuum casting machine and changed their casting technique forcing them to discontinue the older products as the molds where now unusable.  However, for the sake of pure inspiration I've included a few pics of their old stuff below.

Tabletop World also has a thread on the WarSeer forums that you can check out here as well.  Sounds like they are currently finishing up a Graveyard terrain piece and have plans for a new Blacksmith's Forge after that.  There's also hints of larger connected houses in the future and more partially destroyed buildings too.

Like I said before even if you don't purchase their stuff, it's still a great source of inspiration.  So check 'em out!  I'm definitely impressed to say the least, and certainly looking forward to seeing what else these guys create in the future.  I wish them the best of luck!

Bonus video!


  1. Whoa! Those buildings are super cool! Thanks for sharing. Nice write up too.

  2. Thanks! Always a pleasure to share sweet looking stuff I find. My favorite is the Merchant House followed by the new guard tower. I was surprised to see how huge that thing is!

  3. I had to stop back and check out your terrain stuff again. I love that little video. :D

    I need that tower to watch the River Stir!


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