Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazing Miniature Battlefield - Battle of Bergbosen

I ran across this gorgeous 28mm Napoleonic battle over at the Lead Adventure Forum.  It's like a painting or story come to life on the tabletop!  Just the type of stuff that gets the inspirational juices flowing, and what a proper wargame should definitely look like.

The fictional "Battle of Bergbosen" was fought over a weekend using the Black Powder rules.  The game involved 9 players duking it out with around 1,000 miniatures on a huge table measuring roughly 23' x 5' (7m x 1.5m) table.  Looks like they had a blast!

The scenario called for the French army to build a pontoon bridge over a river while simultaneously attacking a superior combined force of Prussians and Russians.  Certainly a bit of multitasking going on...

Everything about this battle is amazing!  From the terrain setup itself to the great looking boards, buildings, miniatures, and other models used for the wagons, pontoons, etc.  To see this in person would've been a treat.

The original post and more pictures can be found here.


  1. Even though I am not a big fan of Napoleonics, I have to admit this battle looks pretty cool. I'm really impressed by the amount of time that went into making this happen and having worked on so many projects I can really respect something of this scale.

  2. I agree- thats an amazing setup!

    And yes, more feathery hats would add greater appeal :-)


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