Friday, August 26, 2011

Amazing Hobbit Hole - Bag End Doll House

Well, I was going to post my finished Gandalf mini tonight, but then I went through the horrific ordeal of having my Testors Dullcote spray give Old Grey Beard a shiny new gloss finish!  Aaarrrggghhh!!  Apparently even though it's a beautiful cool night outside, it can still be 77 % humidity.  :-(  (I might post some pics later anyway...)

While I was claiming down a bit, I came across this breath taking hand made doll house of Bag End.  The creator is Maddie Chambers, who honed her hobby skills in Warhammer Fantasy.  Her true love however is Tolkien's Middle Earth, and boy does it show!

The Amount of detail of this masterpiece is almost overwhelming.  In every room you can see the love and attention Maddie had for this project.  Although it took her a year to get Bag End to the point we see in the photos, she still claims it is a ongoing project with "quite a bit of work to do."

You can read Maddie's story here, as she explains the background of the project, and how she worked on it while mothering two twin boys.  She then takes you from room to room in 52 pictures as she explains many of the details inside and out.  Lots of point of view shots.

If you're wondering how she actually made this awesome creation, Maddie covers that as well right here.  In another 24 pics, she goes over all the nuts and bolts and reveals many of her little modeling secrets.  :-)

I certainly had a blast looking through all this amazing Hobbit stuff, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too.  Maddie's next Lord of the Rings project is The Prancing Pony.  The beginning of that project and other Maddie related stuff can be found on her main blog site here.


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