Saturday, July 30, 2011

Imperial Muster - My Reikland Army

For Sigmar!  The Empire!  and Karl Franz! 

Despite a very intense 24 hour "Vampire Counts" fever after seeing the new stuff coming out, I decided to drag out my first love of Warhammer Fantasy: my Empire Reikland Army.  I'm still currently working on my Mordians, but with Fall approaching I'd like to get this army ready to play at least with Warhammer 8th Edition movement trays, etc.

 The Empire mobilizes for war!

The pic above is the bulk of my infantry, but certainly not my whole army.  All the minis are metal, and most of them are long out of production.  I haven't seen these figs in awhile, but the old Perry Empire line still just oozes with character.  I've done some simple conversions to update the standard bearers, etc. and will give all my halberdiers a little tweak too giving them longer poles and new blades on top.

Everything in the army is still very much WIP, but I thought I'd at least throw up some of my prototype minis, etc. for you to check out.  Here's a vanilla Reikland knight, Reiksguard on foot (Greatsword), and some swordsmen.

Next up are some halberdiers that were originally painted up for a small detachment.  Now that halberds can truly be the mainstay of the Empire, these guys will be part of 50 man unit.  Lots of painting!

Finally here are some artillery crewmen.  My artillery crews as well as my handgunner units will all be from the nearby city of Nuln, but pretty much keep the basic color scheme as the rest of the army.

Hopefully I can start to pick away at these guys later in the year.  Like I said, most of my army are the metal Perry Bros. sculpts that were released right before 4th Edition.  I will do up some blocks of the plastic militia and my Steam Tank will be the new plastic kit as well.

Although I have a lot of love for these old minis, the current plastic range is great too.  Especially with the huge conversion potential of all the kits together.  However, I am under strict orders from Karl Fanz to get these figs painted up first.  :)

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  1. Great looking color scheme just like your Witch Hunters. I'm jealous of all the old metal Empire models. Get painting! :-D


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