Friday, July 15, 2011

Front Line Assembly - Leman Russ Tanks

Just a little sneak peek of the Leman Russ Squadron and Demolisher I'm building.  This pic is from last weekend after a shipment from Ryza finally arrived after being waylaid by ork scum for more than three weeks.

Local atmospheric conditions (humidity) have delayed the project this week, but the glory of the Emperor of Mankind will soon prevail.

In the meantime these tanks need names.

Feel free to post some suggestions in the comments section.  As the three Leman Russes are in the same unit, I'd like them to start with the same letter.  This isn't completely necessary though.  The Demolisher tank feels like a two word name is appropriate, but again any ideas are fine.  :)


  1. Slasher, Slicer & Slayer go well together, but don't sound very Imperial. Vigilant, Valour and Victory would be more like it, assisted by the Demolisher tank Vendetta's Fury.

  2. Thanks Paul! I definitely like the "V" names. V is a strong letter and I've already had it bouncing around in my head. These will get some serious consideration.

  3. More thoughts on names...

    Having served in a couple of real world armor units I have TONS of tank names that would be great for any typical IG army, but not really for a Mordian army. I'm pretty sure I'll stay away from the Latin or German sounding stuff too. Although I like "Invictus," that might have to be saved for my Empire Steam Tank. :)

    I've always loved the sound of Commissar Yarrick's Baneblade: "Fortress of Arrogance," and I'll have to think of something worthy when I get a Marcharus Heavy Tank someday. Maybe Iron/Eternal Contempt.

    As for Mordian themed names, simple names like Honor, Discipline, Duty, and Loyalty pop to mind. I also like the idea of each tank being named "Iron" something like Iron Monger, Iron Will, etc. Paul's "V" names are also in the mix.

    I might just have to name the squadron first, and then go from there.

    The leading ideas for my Demolisher are "Foe Hammer" and "Truth Bringer." Of course "Bane" with something before or after it would be cool too. The scroll work on the side of the tank in the picture just begs for a two part name.

    Anyone else? Other ideas and suggestions?

  4. R is also a good letter:
    Raider Squadron: Revenge, Renown, Ravager, and the Demolisher Relentless Fury.

  5. Mine are named "The Hard Six" and "62 Tons Of Frak You". Playing with "Nothing But The Rain", "Good Hunting", and "Husker" for a LRBT. Props to you if you get the references. Keep up the good work man. I saw your other guard posts and I must say, your painting is fantastic!

  6. BSG Episode names aren't they?


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