Monday, July 11, 2011

Black Powder - The First Supplement

Warlord Games have announced the first upcoming supplement to their very well received horse and musket era rules:  Black Powder The Last Argument of Kings covers the main conflicts of the 18th Century.  Warlord's full product preview can be found here.

The notable exception on the list of conflicts is the American War of Independence, which Paul Sawyer explains on the Warlord Games forums is getting its own supplement.  He also mentions the first of two Napoleonic supplements are coming later in the year.

Although maybe not as detailed as some would like for specific periods, I love the spirit in which Black Powder is written, its flexibility, and the ability to get even larger multi-player battles done in a single evening.  Definitely "proper wargaming" as some would call it.

Like its Ancients counterpart, Hail Caesar, its geared for multiple players a side and is driven by game (battle/scenario/whatever) design as opposed to set army lists and points. Its fluid game mechanics have enough period flavor to satisfy most old Grognards, but still make an enjoyable game for those that are less enthusiastic about historical gaming.

Being a Seven Years War fan, I'm very interested to see how The Last Argument of Kings treats the wars of Frederick the Great, but certainly hope that Warlord Games can find a writer in the future to produce a specific supplement for them.

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