Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mordian Iron Guard - Different Skin Tones

One of the many reasons I enjoy working on an Imperial Guard army is the chance to paint a variety of skin tones on my Mordians.  Although GW does mostly subscribes to the George Lucas "One World, One Climate" silliness, this still is no excuse not to introduce different colors of flesh into their Codex studio armies.

Mordian is a "night world," so fluff-wise would all the troopers be pale and severely white?  Like Dark City?  Then take those same troops into the desert.  Now is everyone beet red?  Who knows?  Either way I wasn't going to pass on the first opportunity to paint up some darker flesh tones and mix things up.  I'll leave the creepy skin tones to the Inquisitors and Cultists.

The pictures aren't the best, but on my first try I started with GW's Scorched Brown and blended in layers of Dark Flesh, Terracotta, and Tanned Flesh.  (Not even sure if all those paints are still available.)  I was satisfied the way they came out, but I was scared to go too light on the highlights.  I think next time I'll try starting with Dark Flesh and work up to Dwarf Flesh or even start with Terracotta to add even more variety to the skin tones.

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