Monday, June 20, 2011

Front Line Assembly - Nailing down the process

So having figured out a color scheme that worked for my Mordian figs, it was now time to nail down a painting process for knocking out all my IG vehicles in a complimentary scheme.  I wanted to figure out something between fresh from the factory and battle damaged and dirty.  I needed my tanks to look taken care of and a little ornate, but still weathered and dusty from the field.

The first step was to come up with a process that would keep my vehicles looking similar even though I might paint them at different times, was relatively quick, and still had a quality finish.  I discovered a system using Minwax by SandWyrm on The Back 40K.  Not only was it a desert scheme as well, but The Army Painter came out with a Desert Yellow primer spray that matched my infantry uniforms very well.  So I can prime all my vehicles Desert Yellow, apply the Minwax, and after it dries in 12+ hours, drybrush in the dust and the highlights to the rest of the vehicle.

I drybrushed the middle color (Vallejo German Cam. Medium Brown) I use for my infantry bases around the tracks and the rest I did with GW's Desert Yellow mixing in Bleached Bone towards the top.  I touched up some of the rust/weather around the rivets, etc. and sponged on some Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite were to simulate where the paint had worn down to the original primer, taking it a little farther in a few places with a touch of Boltgun Metal.

Still have to work on getting the decals/transfer done better.  I think I applied them a little too late in the drybrushing process and didn't get them to blend in as I had hoped.  The other thing is I'll definitely leave off the tracks next time, prime them separately, then glue them on and paint them last.

I also finally got a hold of some Highland Tuft from The Army Painter, so I included my first 5 Mordians with their completed bases in the pics too.

The Chimera was a lot of fun to paint up and pretty easy too.  I was scared to do too much weathering, but now I've got a pretty good feel how the next ones will go.

I'm coming close to finishing up the rest of the squad, and tried my hand at doing some darker flesh tones for the first time with a few of the guys.  I might go back and add a pennant/banner off the aerial before it's done.  Let me know what you think so far.


  1. I did a very similar color scheme on my tanks, desert camo, then added my camouflage then hit it with Minwax finish.

    At the Waaghfest tourney I was just at, I was surprised when the nid player said, "There's a really nice desert camo IG army that could take best painted."

    But mine aren't nearly as good looking as yours :) They're awesome :) I can't wait to see the rest of the army :)


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