Monday, June 20, 2011

The best laid plans...

 "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." - Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke

Even though I started playing 40k in 1991, I've been out of the loop for awhile.  After doing some reading, some time on forums like Librarium Online, quality blogs like The Back 40K, considering my own Mordian miniature collection, and including a few modeling/aesthetic choices I think I've come up with a pretty well rounded, take on all comers, mobile Imperial Guard army list.

The army will top out at around 2000 points and the core will be the ever flexible Veteran Infantry Squads that I think is a pretty good fit for the Mordian fluff as well.  The list below comes out to 1997 points, and I'm sure will get a few tweaks along the way, but it's pretty easy to resize to 1850 or 1500.  The list serves me as more of a modeling/painting project list for my Mordian Imperial Guard force for now.

212  Company Command Squad w/ Bolt Pistol, Regimental Standard, 3 x Meltas, Officer of the Fleet, 2 x Bodyguards, Chimera  (The bodyguards will be the commander's 2 German Shepherds)
70  Primaris Psyker

140  Veteran Squad w/ 3 x Grenade Launchers, Chimera
155 Veteran Squad w/ 3 x Meltas, Chimera
155 Veteran Squad w/ 3 x Meltas, Chimera
145 Veteran Squad w/ 3 x Flamers, Grenadiers, Demolitions
145 Veteran Squad w/ 3 x Flamers, Grenadiers, Demolitions

Fast Attack
120  3 x Scout Sentinels w/ Autocannons (I like the models OK :) )
130 Hellhound
260 2 x Vendetta Gunships

Heavy Support
165  Leman Russ Demolisher w/hull Flamer
150  Leman Russ Battle Tank w/hull Flamer
150  Leman Russ Battle Tank w/hull Flamer

I hate the sit on your butt IG gun line of the past.  Part of the reason I didn't play 40k too much after 3rd Edition came out.  This list will provide me with a solid, mobile, and aggressive force that should be able to take on most armies and have fun too.

One variation to this list would be to leave the Sentinels at home (I love those models) and bring another Vet Squad instead.  In friendly games I'm going to try to learn to play with the Sentinels first even though they aren't the best choice.  The other variation would be to include an Infantry Platoon (blob) that includes 3 squads with Grenade Launchers and Autocannons, a Commissar, and 4 x Meltas and Chimera with the Platoon Command Squad; and take out some of the Vet Squads.

That's the plan anyways.  It will interesting to see how things evolve.


  1. Overall a very nice list! Very flexible and mobile. A couple thoughts:

    1. Why have the regimental standard in the CCS? Your list looks like its all shooting (like mine are) and if you get into hand to hand with virtually anything but Tau Fire warriors, your dudes will die. And being in the chimera's belly, they won't have to take a lot of pinning or morale tests. Another Melta gun on the CCS would benefit you more or maybe a power weapon or fist for the Commander.

    2. I know you love the models for the Sentinels, but do you only love the scout Sentinels or the Armored sentinels? I bring 3 Armored Sentinels all the time and they work great, can't be taken down by bolter fire if you're careful, and can tie up even space marine units in hand to hand.

    3. Hellhounds are awesome against most anything with a 4+ save or worse. Against Space Marines, they are still pretty good. The Bane Wolf on the other hand is spectacular against anything: 2+ Poison, AP 3. Devastating against any non terminator unit. Also, Hellhounds don't come with Smoke Launchers unless you pay 5 pts each for them.

  2. Thank bud for the input.

    For #1, right now I'll admit the Standard like the bodyguards/German Shepherds is there more for the aesthetic value. An even lamer reason is that some of the tourny lists I based mine on had it in there. I have some theories how it would come in handy, but it might just end up as one of the tweaks.

    #2 What I actually have is just the Armored Sentinel models and was trying to fit them in, so I went with the cheaper Scouts to be a place holder for now. I see the Arm Sentinels as a possible blocking unit, but I also want to learn to use the Scouts as well. More tweaks. :)

    #3 I'll stick with the Hellhound for now, but thanks for the reminder on the Smoke Launchers.

    Thanks again for the feedback. All 3 of these are definitely filed away for more research/experience needed. :)

  3. Happy to give my 2 cents :)

    Also, Sentinels don't come with Smoke launchers either.

  4. Interesting list, and I wish you the best of luck playing it.

    When you have your hand back in at 40k and are confident of the rules and the like, I would say give an all Infantry Platoon army a shot.

    I know they arent the same awesomesauce as Veterans, but having played a couple of tournaments with them and friendly games it really can throw you opponents off when you start placing down huge amounts of men.

    Even though a guardsmen only has flashlights, lots of flashlights kill (welll lots and lots).

    Just a suggestion for down the road as I think a number of Guard players miss out on the fun of playing with masses of men :-)

    Like the blog though, keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for the input Kraggi, and the kind words.

    I do plan to throw down with a infantry platoon or two once in awhile. (And even do up some Cold One mounted Rough Riders someday) The biggest problem is cost and availability of the OOP metal models. So like I said this list is partially dictated by my current miniature collection.

    I also like tanks and the mobility and aggressiveness of the list, so I tried to strike a balance between fielding a tank parking lot and am infantry gun line. I will have 55 to 65 infantry which is actually a lot more than I see in most IG lists with all the vehicles and gunships zooming around. :)

    When I sorted out my mini collection a couple of months ago, I had them organized into 2 Infantry Platoons of Mordians and 2 (Veteran) Squads of Praetorians (That I'm converting to pickelhauben). I probably need a couple more squads of Mordians though and my Praetorians will be my Grenadiers for now.

    I do like the fluff feel of the Mordians being vets, but tons of them would be cool as well. I'm sure things will evolve as I get things painted. :)


  6. I do have a ton of super old Ork Storm Boyz and Blood Axe figs that I thought would be fun to make an infantry heavy IG force out of. (Inspired by an old Rouge Trader era pic of an Imperial official hiring Blood Axe mercenaries) Especially for larger/Apocalypse games.

    Maybe someday, if they don't get sacrificed to eBay first.


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