Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Viking Bondi and Priestess

Now in color!

Adding 8 more Viking Bondi ("Warriors" in Saga Age of Vikings) to my Viking Warband. This time with color. ;-) You might remember, my original warband has all black and white shields. The plan all along was to eventually paint up another warband, etc. with colorful shields and mix the two. The ultimate goal is to have a large skirmish force as well as a small army (using movement bases) for Hail Caesar! games.

After doing much of nothing hobby-wise last year and packing and moving, Wargames Foundry Vikings are always great fun to paint. They certainly help build some painting momentum when you're having trouble getting going again. :-)

I always find it funny that the "Bondi," the Norse farmers and tradesmen, are the fashion darlings of my army. The Hirdmen are mostly covered in chain-mail, but these guys and gals get to show it all off. :-) The only thing that slows down the painting process is picking out the outfits for each fig. Ha!

Along with the hobby drought, its been awhile taking pics and using my light box, so I'm afraid these didn't turn out the best (The WIP photo from the previous post is probably better). All in all, I'm pleased with the new recruits, and I'm hoping to try out packs of 12 warriors in future Viking Age Saga games. Taking full advantage of "Valhalla" on my battle board.

Along with the 8 Bondi, a new Viking Warlord has been hanging out on my painting desk for awhile. She might have to wait a bit longer, but I'm keen to get her and her standard bearer painted all the same.

Throwing in a couple of pics of my Viking Priestess (the new ones didn't turn out :-/ ). I painted her awhile ago, but haven't shared her on here I think. Fun fact: the little rock with the runestones on the back of her base was saved from the "Old Hag" mini that was part of my original Viking army for Warhammer Ancient Battles.
Sacrifices were made...

Vito Corleone would be proud

Well, on to finishing up my Old West gang and maybe some WW2 Hungarians after that. More on that later though. ;-)


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