Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Der Feldmarschall rides again??

"I'm back!"  "Hooray!... now who are you again?"

I've always missed posting on this blog. I've visited numerous times over the past few years, hoping someway I could return to it and make the effort worthwhile (for you AND me). Reading some of my past posts/articles, I'm a little amazed sometimes... "I wrote that?!" Some of them were actually pretty good. ;-) Then I remember the huge amounts of time it took sitting at my desktop computer. Paint or blog? Or other stuff? Well, other stuff won out most of the time. :-/

I've also missed your blogs. Yeah, I might pop in once in awhile, but many of us have gravitated over to Facebook and/or Twitter, etc. etc. Too easy to scroll down the page, look and like pics... but then there's all the other "stuff" on those social media platforms that never really made its way onto out beloved blogoshpere. Or at least the sites I enjoyed. :-)

No promises this time either, but I have also created a Facebook "Der Feldmarschal" page/blog too.


Not sure of the grand plan of balancing the two, but it'll be a work in progress for sure.  Hopefully you'll pop over and give me a like/follow and leave a comment or two. :-D

Some WIP Viking Bondi. Working on their bases tonight.

Last year was crazy for all of us, and mine included moving as well. Most of my stuff is still in storage, but I'm starting to hobby and game a bit again. I'll have some fun stuff to share on here and Facebook soon.

Also working on a Desperados gang for Dead Man's Hand. Two left to go!

That's all for now. :-) Hopefully this blogsite isn't as dead as my Twitter account with its 1000+ "followers" (crickets chirping) seems to be. :-P


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