Thursday, November 19, 2015

Saga - Feast of Crows 3 Way

Me and my fully painted Vikings are rearing to go!!!!
(Or... I might of just farted.)

Thursday Night Fights! (Part 1)

Although I haven't got much gaming in this year, games/batreps have been pretty scarce on the blog for awhile.  That may have to change a bit as I ramp up for Saga, 40k, and Bolt Action events in January and February.  My main problem is with my camera.  It does just fine for taking close up pics of minis in the studio light box or little odds and ends I might sell on eBay, but other than that it pretty much sucks.  The photos I have to share where taken by my opponents Eric and Monty and are a bit random.  Meant more for Twitter than for a blow by blow blog battle report.  Anyways...

 My Vikings advance as Eric hides behind the church
and Monty stays defensive, for now...

Although gaming goes on any day of the week, Thursday nights especially are usually busy at the Fantasy Flight Game Center.  Last week was no exception as I had double header of Saga and Mordhiem lined up for myself.  This post will deal with the Saga with part two and Mordheim to follow.

 OMG!  X Wing fans, it's Alex Davy!  OMG!

We ended up playing a three way "Feast of Crows" battle with Eric and I playing Vikings and Monty the Mutatawwi'a.  Although I've played a few games of Saga, this was my first with my fully painted warband.  Together with the terrain and two other finely painted forces, it was a treat for the eye.

 Jarl Wulfric & Company cautiously advance.

"Those Vikings sure look tough, don't want to get too close..."
is something Monty may or may not have said.

A week later, my memory is not good enough to give a real blow by blow, but at least there's the pics. :-)  I was sorta in the central deployment position, so I ended up trading blows with both of the other warbands early in the game.  I was holding my own alright and helped a bit by getting off Ragnarok which is doubly effective in a 3 player game.  As the game is decided by slaughter points, early returns appeared like I was quietly running away with the game.

 Monty throws out his bait...

As I advanced, Eric was content to hold behind the church and waddle fencing.  Other than a surprise attack by his berserkers from out of the church, he pretty much stayed where he was waiting to strike like a coiled serpent.  Meanwhile Monty put on the mask of meekness early, threw out some of his lesser troops as appetizers, and seemed to cluster together like frightened children.

 I unleash my berserkers!

"I'm doing alright, getting good grades, the future's so bright..."

Monty had a 12 pack of hearthguard and we all knew it.  Nothing meek about it.  Once Monty got his hearthguard and battle board rolling, everything died in its wake.  Including both Eric's and my warlord.  In the end, although he had sacrificed a few of his own, Monty ran away with the slaughter points and the game.

"When the music's over, turn out the lights..."

Not surprisingly it turned out to be a fun game with two great opponents and visual "Feast for the Eyes."  Thanks again guys!  :-)

Thursday Night Fights!


  1. Replies
    1. He's one of the two lead designers for the X Wing game. Glad you liked the write up. ;-)

  2. Well, ask and ye shall receive! A BatRep with you against Monty. Excellent!

  3. Great stuff! I really enjoyed that :-)

    Yes, reinforced units tend to do well, but you suffer from reduced die. I like to take 3 units of Warriors but field them in two units. At the start of the game the loss of die is almost irrelevant

  4. Great night Jason and wow, your Vikings were even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. Here's to many more matchups!

    1. Thanks Monty, always a pleasure!

    2. Agreed - Being surrounded by the Mordheim games made for a night full of good looking gaming. Thanks for the games guys.

  5. Looks like a great night of gaming! 12 Hearthguard can really be brutal, but then again if countered nearly all of your hitting power is more or less gone for the game.

    1. Thanks. The hearthguard were mean, but Monty played his battleboard very well.

  6. Excellent review of what look like a great day!

  7. Sounds like a fun game and a perfect first outing for your new Vikings (which look ace BTW)!

    A couple of weeks ago we played a Feast for the crows as well. My opponents did not want to fight my Byzantines, so I took my Vikings. I was on the flank with the all-mounted Normans in the middle and the half mounted Welsh on the other flank. The Normans ran away from me and were slaughtered by the Welsh and by the time those two were done with each other and I had caught up, the Welsh player had netted so many points, that I did not even have a mathematical chance to win. That was no fun, so your game sounds so much better!

    BTW... Monty seems to get slimmer every time I see a photo of him!

    1. Sorry to hear that, we managed to have a lot of fun. There's no prizes being handed out, so while we were trying to win we are definitely looking for a good fight too!

      Also, Monty can't get any slimmer. He was just pictured next to me that's all! ;o)

    2. Well, it was not about prices or anything... the Norman player was just too scared of me! :-O

      Well I will take your word regarding Monty then! ;-)

    3. The "prizes" thing is just a saying meaning the game is "just for fun." Being competitive is alright, but you tend to stay away from tactics that make the game boring/not fun for your opponent. As opposed to what you ultimately might do if the championship was on the line.

      Seems no one wants to play your Byzantines. Monty has them, and they were fun to play against. Especially if you had some cavalry, that would seem a fun match up since everyone else had some.

  8. Great looking gaming! Good to see you all having such good times. Nice to see Monty there too.

  9. Sounds and looks like a fun game. A shame you had to go and get yourself killed but I'm sure you died a magnificent heroic death befitting entry to Valhalla! ��

    von Peter himself

    1. Went down against impossible odds... I'm sure he's in. :o)


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