Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fritz returns to Mordheim

"Old Fritz" of Mordheim

Mordheim has had a bit of local resurgence lately.  Although I'm not a participant in the current league/campaign, I was able to get in a "one off" game Thursday night.  I'll try to post some pics of the game sometime next week, but for now you'll have to settle for Fritz.

The "before" Fritz pic
Fritz in action back in 2011

"Fritz" is a piece of Mordheim / Warhammer terrain I built back in 2003.  A sort of memorial statue and pond to some past Imperial hero of importance known now only by the name "Fritz" engraved in the stone.  Being a old favorite from when we used to play more regularly, I decided to touch him up a bit before making his return to the grimdark streets of Mordheim.

The pictures can pretty much speak for themselves.  I've just tried to make it appear a bit more dirty and overgrown.  To do over, I'd obviously make the steps wide enough for figures to stand on.  While the pond itself has seen its fair share of combat, being able to battle up and down the steps would of made for some nice cinematic moments.

Mostly made from foam core, the water is EnviroTex Lite high gloss finish.  At the time of its construction the only "fish" I could find to populate the pond was fishing bait.  Although I've run across a number of smaller solutions since, I think the giant (perhaps mutant) fish fit quite well into the world of Mordheim.  :-)

UPDATE:  Since some were curious, the model used for the statue is a old Colossal Lords Paladin from Grenadier.  Height is about 150mm tall.


  1. That's an impressive piece of scenery Jason!

  2. Love it. a lot We're playing Mortheim like crazy lately.

  3. Excellent, also saw the pictures on Twitter. Also very useful for Frostgrave.

  4. Freaking awesome, and I got to see it in person.

  5. Thanks guys! It's nice to see Fritz getting some love after all these years. :-)

  6. Splendid and most impressive!

  7. What a great battle it was too. It was nice to actually fight in the pool as well. Thanks for bringing him down. The new additions looks good.

  8. A very nice piece of terrain. Truely a good centrepiece for any Mordheim table.

  9. That's some great looking scenery! Especially the water effect on the stand works very nicely

  10. What an awesome bit of terrain - love it!

  11. A great piece of terrain. Old Fritz must've been quite the hero in his time. Come to think of it .... Old Fritz does ring a bell!! ��

    Are the fish dangerous? I dread to think what feeding time might entail!

    von Peter himself

  12. Brilliant! I love this Jason and would have missed it if you hadn't posted a comment on my blog - do please give me a gentle nudge as it would appear that I am still having issues with my blog roll! The mutant fish are genius!


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