Thursday, August 13, 2015

Armored Sentinels

 Next up for my Mordian Imperial Guard is a pair of Armored Sentinels.  I've always wondered at the name "sentinel" because these guys don't stand around guarding shit.  They recon and patrol and generally walk around shooting things.  Anyway...  these are the first two of three auto cannon armed sentinels.

They're made from the old part metal Steel Legion kit.  I've got a forth kit laying around which might turn into another unit of three or just go off to eBay land.  I've got another idea planned if I ever do "Scout" Sentinels (think jeeps), but I just had to add these models to my army.  I've always loved their look even if it's ripped off from Star Wars.

As I mentioned in the previous Leman Russ Battle Tank post, these vehicles have way more weathering.  I actually redid the first one I painted because I did too much, but I figure the sentinels are constantly being used to patrol and recon even when the other vehicles are waiting for the next mission.

You can't tell from the pics, but these are also a bit darker than the other vehicles.  I wanted them a bit greasier and grimier, but again as mentioned in the last post, there's a lot I can still learn about rust effects, oils, and streaking, etc.  It's a process, and happy how these turned out regardless.

The bases gave me a unique opportunity to expand on the desert battlefield theme that only gets limited exposure on the individual figure bases.  Here's where I definitely went a bit farther with the rust effects on the wire and debris.

More to come.  I hope you like what you've seen so far.



  1. Very nice indeed. The basing really sets them off too.

  2. Great work Jason! Certainly look the part. Like they say a Knight in shining armor is a man who has not had his mettle tested. A clean paint job on a scout doesn't really give a good image of the scouting job they do :)

    The sentinel is definately one of the most iconic Imperial Guard vehicles at least for me. Don't know why, but the look just works for me perfectly.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, sentinels are definitely one of my favorite IG models. Don't see many people fielding them though.

  3. Sublime painting, weathering and basing. Really impressive units!

  4. Very cool models, Jason. They look very realistic.

  5. Really great job mate - well done!

  6. Having played a game against these I got to pick them up and see the realistic scratches underneath from walking over scrub brush and other things. Very cool work. :)

  7. Great models. Congratulations on two jobs well done.

    von Peter himself


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