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The Mordian Iron Guard - Back Where I Started

The Mordian Iron Guard

Back when I started this blog in 2011, I was working my fledgling Mordian Imperial Guard army.  Things started off well, but they soon got lost in the warp along with other projects, distractions, and real life crap.  During the last couple of years with the comings and goings of Warhammer 40k 6th and 7th Edition they have made brief forays onto the hobby table always being in the mix for that top priority project before being pushed aside again for some new shiny.  With the seemingly perfect storm of me finishing up some projects for Saga and the sudden appearance of a local 40k Escalation League, the brave Mordians grabbed their unis from the dry cleaners and quickly seized the opportunity at hand.

 Mission One: Occupy & Secure Painting Table - ACCOMPLISHED!

Although I've had a couple of other painted 40k armies (Space Wolves & Eldar), the Imperial Guard have always been my favorite with their tanks and tons of good looking but disposable troops.  They always remained a competitive army, but also one I could have fun with and not care about casualties and loses.

I started playing 40k in 1991 and only really lost interest when the IG were forced into static gun-line tactics instead of maneuver.  With 5th Edition Mech IG lists came renewed interest in the game.  Aggressive maneuver and firepower while fielding lost of squishy guardsmen seemed like pure win.  Although I was excited by 5th Ed., what was really going to save my Mordians from the terrors of the warp (eBay) was a color scheme I could truly fall in love with.

As I mentioned in my initial Mordian blog post (The Mordian Iron Guard - First recruits), I've had some these minis for quite a long time.  Once a multi-Regimental force, my IG army has slowly over the years become a purely Mordian one.  I've previously owned miniatures for just about every IG regiment (except Catachans), but the Perry Bros. sculpts inspired by 1870 Prussians have always been my favorite.  However bright uniforms were just not going to cut it (Save those for Napoleonics).

My original Modians were grey, but that really didn't do it for me either and the scheme was overdone by other IG players.  I decided to go for a more natural desert scheme and kept red as an accent color.  A nice subdued feel with a little pop and colors that compliment each other nicely. 

With the uniforms settled, the next step was the vehicles.  I wanted a scheme that was complimentary, but not exactly the same as the infantry.  I wanted to figure out something between fresh from the factory and battle damaged and dirty.  I needed my tanks to look taken care of and a little ornate, but still weathered and dusty from the field.  All this, and I needed a process that would keep thing consistent as well as being quick and simple.  You can find out all the details here:  Front Line Assembly - Nailing down the process.

The initial results.

Very quickly, I thought I'd mention a few more previous posts that might be interesting and relevant at this time.  First off, messing around with creating different skin tones for the troops can be found here:  The Mordian Iron Guard - Different Skin Tones.  Thoughts and plans on some of my commanders and characters:  The Mordian Iron Guard - Character Development.  Although is will be updated and tweaked a bit, the initial army list for my planned IG force can be found here:  The best laid plans...

I'll probably revisit my planned army list in a future post, but I'll still start off with Veteran Squad heavy mechanized list.  There will be some tweaking in regards to fielding a Primaris Psyker or not, and the ultimate number of Vet squads, Vendettas, and Valkyries.  The biggest challenge in painting this army is the infantry, so that's what I'll try to tackle first.  After that the vehicles should be treat to paint with maybe the gunships posing any problems.  I also plan to try an knock out some desert terrain as part of this project, but more on that later.

Getting back to the Escalation League, for those who didn't check out the link above, here are the basics.  Paint 250 points a month for 6 months ending up with a 1500 point army.  The league includes 18 players that have signed up to put fun, narrative gaming, and hobby first.  What we should end up with is a solid group to play 40k with that all have painted armies.  Pretty sweet huh!  Well, that's the plan anyways.

First blood was drawn last Wednesday when I played my first game of 40k in forever against Nick Fenske.  We ended up playing at Phoenix Games to make it more convenient schedule-wise.  Always fun seeing the owner Neal again and playing on some of the old boards we built back in the day was a unique treat.  Also the gamer community there seemed super nice.

The scenario for game one was "Silence the Guns" and each side was equipped with Melta bombs for free to help out.  Not much to see in the pics or really say about such a small battle, but the game and my opponent turned out to be tons of fun.  Nick had 10 Word Bearer Chaos Space marines and a Hell Brute, while I fielded a Command Squad and 2 Veteran Squad (One with Melta guns the other with Grenade launchers).

As far as highlights (or lowlights) go, Nick proceeded to march across the table, destroy both objectives, and kick my ass in victory points.  My personal objectives for this battle was hoping that some of my guardsmen actually survived and managed to kill something.  Not only did I manage both, but I had Nick down to only one lonely Chaos Marine by the end of the game.

Probably the lone cinematic moment of the game was when my "outflanking" melta Vet squad came in on turn 3 blazing away at the Hell Brute.  This only managed to attract its attention and anger at the squad as everyone missed.  After displaying the same inept skill with its multi-melta, the Brute came charging in.  The squad closed its eyes and fired again.  One melta hit home and the Brute exploded spectacularly, taking half the squad with it.  With the threat totally annihilated the rest of the noble guardsmen ran.  Good times.  :-)

Nick setting the table for...  DESTRUCTION!!

"Just keep firing dammit!"

Outflankers:  "Surprise!"  Pew! Pew! Pew!

"Take it down!"...  What could possibly go wrong?

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Corporal Duncan trusted in two things, his Emperor and his sergeant.  What he did not trust in was his melta-gun...  the thing had been on the fritz all day.  Catching his breath after a mad dash down yet another alleyway, he could barely make out the large shape looming within the smoke ahead before the sergeant yelled out "FIRE!!"

Nothing.  Not even a whimper out of his melta, but whatever laid beyond the smoke now let out a pants shitting roar.  Duncan stabilized himself as he realized the ground had started to shake.  Then he saw it.

What seemed to take up all 180 degrees of his field of vision was a Chaos Hell Brute charging right for them.  "BRING IT DOWN!!" came the command and all Corporal Duncan could do was smash his fist against the weapon again, and again, and again...

White.  That's all Corporal Duncan saw before he was blinded and then vaporized.



  1. Looks like a good goal for the first 250. Having some painted guys to lead the way always helps for inspiration with the others. Time to bust out some epic painting music!

  2. They look great, Jason. Looks like it will be a busy and fun summer!

    1. Thanks Monty, hopefully fun and very productive.

  3. Escalation leagues are really a great way to get back in! IG has always been one of my favorites from 40k as well alongside Orks and Mordians are definately some of the best sculpts from the line alongside the Praetorians and Steel Legion. Too bad that they were a bit out of my pricerange back in the days of my youth and in my foolishness I sold my (mainly Cadian) IG army when I stopped gaming for a while in mid 00's. 40k would be nice to start again with casual games, but most opponents here seem a bit too competitive and starting a 40k army from scratch seems like quite a daunting task.

    1. Yeah some of the deterrents through the years for 40k is that the players on the whole were a bit too competitive and painted armies were a rare sight even at tournaments and events. Fantasy has its fair share of competitive players but there are quite a number of quality painted armies locally, so it made the choice pretty easy for me.

      Also, until recently historicals and more of the niche skirmish games have been the providence of grumbly old men and their felt laden terrain.

      Things really have been changing for the better lately with the local Saga group and this very promising looking league and the mindset of its players.


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