Friday, April 24, 2015

SAGA Vikings - Hirdmen group 1 WIP

Hirdmen group 1 front

These Saga posts will be a mix of the past and present.  Most of the work on my Saga Viking warband, etc. was done last Fall, but some of the finishing touches are being done (or re-done) now.  These are my first group of Viking Hirdmen that equal one point of Hearthguard in the game Saga.  They still need their bases finished and the quartemaster hasn't gotten around to issuing them shields, but they are close.

I've noticed most folks use models with leather armor as Bondi, but I've went for the strictly armored or unarmored distinction.   Plus, chain mail was expensive and sometimes hard to come by, so I've thrown in the odd leather armor fig to show not everyone had (or preferred) the best stuff.

Hirdmen group 1 back

Those of you that follow this blog in the past, know that this is my second time around painting Wargames Foundry Vikings, and it was fun seeing them "come to life" once again on my painting table.  My first time painting these guy turned out rather bright, so I've taken extra care to keep them colorful yet muted at the same time.  Paints used were mostly Vallejo.

Vikings prefer blondes :-) so the majority of my minis will be blonde.  That's the plan, and I have many to paint even after this warband is finished (Hint: Hail Caesar).  Although most will have same hair color, I like to paint up each one a bit different.  So if you have your own favorite recipe for painting blonde hair, please share in the comments below.  Thanks!

Photo Bomb!

I've recently purchased a photo box, and you can tell by the pics above (sorry) that I'm still figuring it out.  Not my best effort, and yes, I have the vanity to say they look better in person. ;-)  I unfortunately also decided at the last minute to upgrade to a 20 inch, which doesn't seem to help either.  But hey, whenever I finish that Godzilla model I'll be set!



  1. Great looking warriors, and very nice photos...I don't use this system, but it looks interesting!

  2. Great looking Vikings, Jason. The photo box looks very tidy and nicely sized.

  3. Wish I could get such clear and vibrant looking pics out of my photo box (Looks much the same set up as your own, tho smaller).

    Vikings are great sculpts and your paintjobs do them justice.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments guys!


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