Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Times with Ragnar & the Horn Resounding

 "Odin approved"

Since last May it really has been the "Year of Saga" around here.  What began with a few isolated players here and there, grew through the Fall and Winter to culminate with a national event at Adepticon in Chicago.  Although personally I've worked on a Viking warband and some related terrain, I have not been very active on the gaming front, unfortunately.  Regardless, I thought that the following might be interesting to all you Saga fans out there.

In future "catching up" posts I will feature my Vikings along with WIP stages, and my plans to make a dual purpose force for both Hail Caesar and Saga.  I'll do the same for the terrain, and my first few games.  (I did share a few pics previously on my Google+ and Twitter @DerFeldmarschal accounts.)

 Teaser pics

To get a better feel for the local Saga experience, Eric Hagan's Google+ account is a great place to start.  I've featured some of Eric's initial Saga terrain on HERE before.  Monty Luhmann's blog Twin Cities Gamer is another excellent source of Saga action.

"And there was much rejoicing... Hooray!"

Things really started to take off after we had a "Saga Storm" meet and greet event here last September.  Over 20 players showed up during the day for a just for fun/play as many games as you want event.  There was 10+ tables set up with specific scenarios, you just grabbed someone to play and picked a table.  The day also included "Saga Storm" t-shirts and dice that were preordered, and ended with a big multi-player Feast of Crows battle between two sides.  This also spawned a (Locals only) Facebook group that's been very nice for coordinating games.  Monty's coverage can be found HERE, and Eric's post HERE.

Another Saga event, another t-shirt.

Shortly after the highly successful Saga Storm, Eric was asked to be one of the tournament organizers of the very first Saga Grand Melee tournament in the US.  This included making tons and tons of Saga terrain as every effort was made to make this a very high quality event.  Locally, we'll no doubt reap the benefits of this terrain stockpile.  I continue to make my own terrain and look forward to painting up the lovely Dark Age buildings I got from Stronghold Terrain.  More on that later...

I am still greatly disappointed that I wasn't able to attend Adepticon this year and be part of the Grand Melee fun.  Still, between the new terrain and growing base of great players with fully painted warbands, Saga is in a really good place locally right now.  Eric again supplied some great coverage of the event HERE and Adepticon in general HERE.

Had enough?

Some of this might be old news to some, but be sure to visit the various links as there are tons of pics of great looking warbands and terrain.  A virtual treasure trove of Saga inspiration. :-)

My next post will be switching gears for a bit as I get back to work on my Mordian Imperial Guard and participating in a 40k Escalation League (See previous post).

To get things moving along, this is my second post today.  So in case you missed it you can catch up on my musings over returning to the blogosphere here:  Better Late Than Never



  1. Well time could be spent far worse than painting and playing with dark age minis! Saga is definately a great system, though the sheer amount of different factions etc. is starting to be a bit too large. Remembering all the tricks your opponent can have isn't an easy task anymore.

    1. Good times. I'm still stuck in newb status with Saga. Finally got all the books now, but I'll just discover the other warbands the good old fashioned Viking way... just assume they're trolls. :-)

  2. Nice shout out Jason. Last year was truly a great year for Saga here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Even with the 40k Escalation I think we'll still find some time to keep bearded men clashing swords and shields.


    1. Really looks like we'll have at least two fun groups to play toy soldiers with. :-)

  3. Let's see those Vikings out on a table! And I'm ready to throw down in Hail Caesar when you are.

    1. You're not finally asking me for a game are you? :-P ;-)

    2. No pressure! But when you're ready, I'm ready.


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