Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today in Military History 7/8

Siege of Jerusalem, 1099

54 BC  The Romans begin the Invasion of Britain at the Battle of Bigbury.

452  Pope Leo I convinces Attila the Hun not to attack Rome, with the help of a bribe.

1099  After a three days fast, 15,000 Christian soldiers march in a religious procession around Jerusalem as its Muslim defenders look on during the First Crusade.

  During the War of the Sicilian Vespers at the Naval Battle of Malta, a fleet of 21 galleys under the Sicilian-Aragonese Admiral Roger de Llúria defeat a fleet of Angevin galleys commanded by William Cornut and Bartholomew Bonvin.  Cornut is killed in the battle.

1702  The numerically superior Polish-Saxon army of August II the Strong operating from an advantageous defensive position is defeated by a Swedish army half its size under the command of King Charles XII at the Battle of Klissow.

The Battle of Poltava

1709  The Battle of Poltava was the decisive victory of Peter I of Russia over the Swedish forces under Field Marshal Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld during the Great Northern War. It is widely believed to have been the beginning of Sweden's decline as a Great Power; while the Russians took their place as the leading nation of northern Europe.

During the Great Northern War at the Battle of Dynekilen, a light Dano-Norwegian naval force under Peter Jansen Wessel trapped and defeat a similar Swedish force under Olof Strömstierna in Dynekilen fjord on the west coast of Sweden.

The Battle of Dynekilen

1758  French forces hold Fort Carillon against the British at Ticonderoga, New York.

1760  During the French and Indian War at the Battle of Restigouche, the British defeat the French in last naval battle in New France.

The British defeat the Continental forces at the Battle of Fort Anne during the American Revolutionary War.

1813  Action at Butler’s Farm is fought during the War of 1812.
USS Susquehanna

1853  US Commodore Matthew C. Perry sails frigate USS Susquehanna into Tokyo Bay with a treaty requesting trade.

1862  Louisiana Expedition comes to an end during the ACW.

1863  A inconclusive rearguard action is fought at the Battle of Boonsboro while Confederate forces retreat from their defeat at Gettysburg during the ACW.

1863  Food and ammunition exhausted, the Confederate fortress of Port Hudson surrenders to Union forces under General Banks.

1874  The Mounties depart Fort Dufferin and begin their great March West.

The 1874 "March West"

1898  Commodore George Dewey led US forces occupy Isla Grande at Manila.

1913  At the Battle of Bregalnica, Serbian forces defeat the Bulgarians during the Second Balkan War.

  The Germans take Pskov during WWII.

  The British Second Army begins a major offensive Operation Charnwood aimed at capturing Caen.

1944  The Soviets capture Baranovichi, Belarus. Lieutenant General Müller, the commander of German 12th Corps surrenders with 57,000 men. Army Group Centre's losses have now reached 300,000 men (28 divisions) in less than three weeks, since the beginning of the Soviet Operation Bagration.

Note:  As always, these military history posts are meant to be just a quick, fun read for wargamers of all types to enjoy. Maybe even inspire a gaming scenario, campaign, or even a new project.  Feel free to add (or correct) anything major (or at least something important to you) I might have missed in the comments below.  I do tend to cut things off around the Korean War.  Enjoy!.